• I live in The Rock
  • I was born on December 31
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
  • Bio Repent! For Tomorrow You Die!
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Hello everyone, I have been a Warhammer 40k fan for around 3 years and have recently just started playing the tabletop. I am anxious to talk to other Warhammer 40k fans because there are not many people who share my interest in this topic that live around me.


The only miniatures I own are from the Battle For Vedros box set.


I have read 50 Warhammer 40k books. I also read a lot of political theory books.

Favorite Books (I like them all though)

  • Cadia Stands (Novel) by Justin D. Hill
  • Devastation of Baal (Novel) by Guy Haley
  • Carcharodons: Red Tithe (Novel) by Robbie MacNiven
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