aka Shas'O Shaserra

  • I live in the T'au Empire
  • I was born on October 1
  • My occupation is Commander of the T'au Fire Caste
  • I am Female
Tau Shadowsun

One person you may not want to cross.

Hello, Gue'la. I am Commander Shadowsun of the T'au Empire. I have joined this thing you call a "wiki" to help compile information - I see this database being a good source of intel for the servants of the Greater Good.

(IRL: I'm from the United States and am very knowledgeable on WH40K. Planning to get into the actual tabletop hobby using the Tau, hence why I'm pretending to be Shadowsun here.)

My favorite pages

Tau 1

This Fire Warrior stands a long watch, looking for the vandal or fanmade article to fire at.


We're all prone to mistakes, right?

Please have patience if I make a mistake, as I intend good faith if and when one occurs. I will fix any issues ASAP, and will happily discuss a solution to the problem at hand if necessary.


Just doing my job.

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