aka Jimmie Sox

  • I live in SC
  • I was born on November 5
  • My occupation is Sarcastic 16 year old wrestler.
  • I am male
Hi, I am Andrath (AKA Jimmie). I am 16 and I love anything that has to do with WH40k. I cannot actually play the table top game due to my insignificant funds (I am 16) and I live in the southern united states with a dad who would question why I wanted to buy "action figures" as I quote him. So I spend most of my time combing this wiki and the Lexicanum. As I already stated, I love Warhammer 40k and I actually hope to be able to play one day. My favorite characters are Dante, Azrael, and Sigismund.

My favorite pages

  • Blood Angels
  • Lord Commander Dante
  • Red Scorpions
  • Carrab Culln
  • Horus Heresy
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