Uriah Jacobus

Uriah Jacobus, Protector of the Faith.

Uriah Jacobus, called the "Protector of the Faith," was an Adeptus Ministorum Missionary who travelled among the star systems to the galactic west of Bakka in the Segmentum Tempestus converting many worlds to faith in the God-Emperor before his death from disease.


By the age of fifty standard years, Jacobus had introduced fifteen new worlds to the Imperial Creed, a remarkable achievement considering the scarcity of inhabited planets in the region. He achieved even greater recognition on the half-frozen world of Solstice.

After spending three Terran years learning about the inhabitants of the world, whose technology and society had reached a feudal stage, Jacobus started to introduce the doctrines of the Ecclesiarchy into the beliefs of the natives' own rather disorganised religion.

When meeting the king of one particular realm, Jacobus was disturbed to see an idol of the kingdom's god -- a four-armed god of death. Guessing a Genestealer Cult to be involved, Jacobus returned to more friendly kingdoms and persuaded their rulers to ally with each other to attack the xenos-worshipping ruler.

Uriah Jacobus Adepta Sororitas 2nd Edition miniature

Uriah Jacobus, Protector of the Faith.

As suspected, when Jacobus arrived with a mass of crossbowmen and armoured cavalry at his back, his army was attacked by a horde of Genestealers. Although many of the horrific creatures were felled by a storm of quarrels, the Genestealers started tearing apart the infantry with ease.

Jacobus split his knights into two forces. One he left as a reserve while he led the other on a flank march that struck at the rear of the Genestealer Cult.

Smashing his way through a screen of Human Brood Brothers, the knights attacked the heart of the cult. The Patriarch was finally slain, though a mound of bodies lay heaped around its corpse, and the Magus was spitted on a lance.

The cult was momentarily confused by the loss of its leaders. Seeing the inaction of their foes, the rest of the knights attacked, sweeping away the disorientated aliens in one glorious charge.

After the Battle of Solstice, Jacobus became a legendary figure, able to call on the Emperor's aid to thwart whatever odds opposed him. He converted another six worlds to the Emperor's worship before he finally died of a lung-destroying virus on the Death World of Gorang.



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