Umbra Malygris was one of the worst Hereteks and Traitors in the history of the Adeptus Mechanicus. His twisted imagination knew no bounds and centuries after his death his blasphemous creations still plague the Calixis Sector of the Segmentum Obscurus.


As a loyal Archmagos who served in the Adeptus Mechanicus' Explorator fleets during the 39th Millennium, Umbra Malygris travelled far beyond the Emperor of Mankind’s light. His travels brought back an immeasurable fortune in lost technology from humanity’s forgotten colonies, but eventually the lure of forbidden knowledge became too much for Malygris and he turned his back on the Imperium. Many of his junior Tech-priests followed him into the darkness of tech-heresy, and the following mass defection caused civil war within the Cult Mechanicus of the Calixis Sector. Many of the Heretic factions of the Calixis Sector tried to enlist Malygris in their own dark machinations, but the Renegade Magos answered all such propositions with extreme violence. A sect of Traitor Inquisitors, known as the Phaenonites, was nearly destroyed for having bothered Malygris with their offers of an alliance.


For centuries Umbra Malygris plagued the Imperium of Man's fringes with his foul creations. Worlds were devastated by his experiments with viral warfare, and in his laboratories self-aware machines of soulless evil were created to do their master's bidding. Malygris' studies also encompassed the more arcane areas of forbidden tech-heresy. He is believed to have rediscovered the Sarcosan Wave Generator, a device which had been forgotten since at least the time of the Age of Strife. This infernal technology allowed the user to reanimate and control hordes of the dead and it can even be used to create a perverse resemblance of intelligent life in the necrotic tissue. Another of Malygris' hideous inventions, the Apostasic Matrix, can forever destroy a person’s capability to display true faith, love and all other absolute convictions.


Three centuries after Malygris' betrayal his sins finally caught up with him. A joint task force of Inquisitors and Tech-priests traced him back to his stronghold, and after a long and bloody battle the Heretek was destroyed. According to legend, the templates to all his creations and artefacts are hidden on some remote planet, inside a construct known as the Altar of Genocide. To this day the major heretical factions of the Calixis Sector fight amongst themselves over the right to pursue this arcane and deadly treasure.


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