A strange device created by a xenos race on the Eastern Fringe of the galaxy, the Ulumeathi Plasma Syphon is a rare form of defensive technology employed only by the Inquisitors of the Ordo Xenos that can destabilise Plasma Weapons. Each Ulumeathi Plasma Syphon consists of an array of alien power crystals that generate a distorting resonance on the frequencies of energy used by most Plasma Weapons. This resonance wave causes Plasma Weapons within the short range of the Plasma Syphon to fire much more wildly, making them all but impossible to aim and keep on target, or make them lose their energy more rapidly so that their shots dissipate harmlessly in the air. It is unknown where these strange arrangement of crystals comes from or why the name Ulumeathi is so connected to them. Rumours of a lost xenos race, or an Inquisitor who discovered them are given equal weight. It is known, however, that these devices are powerful assets in battle when used by Radical Inquisitors.


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