2nd Co. Shoulder Pad

Auto-Reactive Shoulder Plate displaying the Ultramarines 2nd Company's iconography

The Ultramarines 2nd Company, known as the "Guardians of the Temple," is the most famous and honoured Battle Company of the Ultramarines Space Marine Chapter.

In the parallel Warhammer 40,000 universe in which the video game Space Marine takes place, the 2nd Company was commanded by Captain Titus, a great hero of the Ultramarines who is most well-known for the central role he played in the Liberation of Graia, a Forge World that was assaulted by the forces of both the Orks and the Chaos Space Marines.

In the standard Warhammer 40,000 universe, the 2nd Company was commanded by Captain Cato Sicarius until his voidship the Emperor's Will became lost in the Warp as he sought to deliver the first Primaris Space Marines from Terra to Ultramar. The vessel was part of the task force dubbed "Fleet Avenger" during the onset of the Noctis Aeterna after the birth of the Great Rift. In his absence, the 2nd Company was commanded by Captain Acheran, who still retained the position after Sicarius was reunited with his Chapter during the Plague Wars.

By tradition, the Ultramarines 2nd Company bears the title of "Guardians of the Temple." This is no mere honorific, but alludes to their long-held duty to protect the fabled Temple of Correction within their mighty fortress-monastery known as the Fortress of Hera upon Macragge -- for there could once be found the shrine of Primarch Roboute Guilliman.

With Guilliman's reawakening in 999.M41, the Primarch suggested that the 2nd Company not only maintain its traditional title, but also add a new one. For their heroics during the battles of the Plague Wars, the Battle-Brothers of the 2nd Company were dubbed the "Avengers of Ultramar."

The newly rewritten Codex Astartes following Guilliman's resurrection allows for each Battle Company to be reinforced with additional troops reassigned from the Reserve Companies. These seconded Battle-Brothers typically form Squads 11 upwards. Once attached to a Battle Company, it is standard practice for the newly joined reserve squads to take new markings corresponding to their new company, although the rapid nature of war does not always afford time for such a formality.

Original Company Order of Battle

Command Squad

The Ultramarines 2nd Company in 999.M41 is led by the Command Squad known as the "Lions of Macragge". This squad includes the following members:

  • Captain Cato Sicarius - In addition to being Captain of 2nd Company, Cato Sicarius has several other titles including Master of the Watch, Knight Champion of Macragge and Grand Duke of Talassar.
  • Chaplain Elianu Trajan - Chaplain Trajan has been a member of the 2nd Company since 901.M41.
  • Veteran Sergeant Daceus
  • Apothecary Venatio
  • Honoured Brother Gaius Prabian
  • Brother Vandius - Brother Vandius is the company's Standard Bearer.
  • Brother Malcian

Tactical Squads

The 2nd Company is comprised of 6 Tactical Squads:

  • Squad Vandar - Also known as "The Victors", Squad Vandar is noted for having the youngest recipient for an Iron Halo. This was awarded to Veteran Sergeant Vandar for tactical brilliance during the Tamari Rebellions in 929.M41.
  • Squad Octavian - Squad Octavian has earnt a total of fifteen Markman's Honour badges for their precision. They are also known as the "Swords of Judgement".
  • Squad Solinus - Nicknamed "The Indomitable", Squad Solinus was first into the breach after Captain Sicarius at the retaking of Fort Telrendar. For this they earnt Victorex Maxima honours.
  • Squad Manorian - Known as "The Shield Bearers," Squad Manorian is used in the vanguard during Chapter and company level assaults.
  • Squad Vorolanus - Squad Vorolanus is used for reconnaissance and deep strike missions when Scout Squads are unavailable. They are known as "The Thunderbolts."
  • Squad Fennion - Squad Fennion is known as "The Immortals" due to the fact that they haven't taken a single loss since 829.M41.

Assault Squads

There are 2 Assault Squads in the 2nd Company:

Devastator Squads

There are 2 Devastator Squads in the 2nd Company:

  • Squad Tirian -Also known as "Guilliman's Hammer," Squad Tirian is known for their unwavering conduct in battle.
  • Squad Atavian - Squad Atavian is responsible for the destruction of the Renegade Titan Soulmauler. For this they were awarded the Principes Maxima and the nickname "The Titan Slayers"


The 2nd Company has 2 Dreadnoughts:

  • Brother Agnathio - Agnathio was interred within Dreadnought armour in 141.M36 after the Fall of Chundrabad.
  • Brother Ultracius - Ultracius was interred inside the shell of a Dreadnought after the Pyra Crusades in 453.M39.

Company Order of Battle During the Plague Wars

Presented below is the composition of the Ultramarines 2nd Company as it entered battle during the later stages of the Death Guard attacks upon Macragge during the Plague Wars. With its former leader, Cato Sicarius, declared lost, its command fell to Captain Acheran.

Command Squad

Captain Acheran assumed command of 2nd Company, and is accompanied by the Company Veterans in his Command Squad known as the "Lions of Macragge." Additional leadership elements include two Lieutenants (one a newly joined Primaris Space Marine) and a Chaplain. An Apothecary and Company Ancient were also attached to the 2nd Company's command.

Tactical Squads

The 2nd Company is comprised of 4 Tactical Squads:

  • 1st Squad - This squad boasts the company's most experienced and honoured warriors. They are known as the Avenging Sons, or Squad Kellion after their Veteran Sergeant Kellion.
  • 2nd Squad - These warriors earned the appellation of "New Crusaders," as the entire 2nd Squad was replaced after the first battles with the Death Guard.
  • 5th Squad - "The Victors," led by Sergeant Vallern, are tasked with taking out the enemy's most heavily armoured formations.
  • 6th Squad - "The Lineholders," led by Veteran Sergeant Tallum, typically form the centre of any battle plan and are known for their marksmanship.

Intercessor Squads

The 2nd Company is comprised of 3 Intercessor Squads:

  • 3rd Squad - This squad has not attained a moniker yet, but earned the respect of their 2nd Company brethren when they downed an entire swarm of Plague Drones.
  • 4th Squad - The "Sons of Terra," led by Sergeant Athos, are eager to prove themselves before their more experienced brethren.
  • 11th Squad - Originally from the Ultramarines 6th Company (Reserves), this squad is led by Veteran Telemachus, one of the first Primaris Astartes to reach Macragge.

Assault Squads

The 2nd Company is comprised of 2 Assault Squads:

  • 7th Squad - "Macragge's Avengers," led by Sergeant Laedrus, prefer to enter the battlefield by Thunderhawk in order to close with the foe as quickly as possible.
  • 12th Squad - "Squad Skythunder" from the Ultramarines 8th Company have been attached to Captain Acheran's company in order to give his upcoming counteroffensive more striking power.

Inceptor Squads

The 2nd Company is comprised of 1 Inceptor Squad:

  • 8th Squad - "Squad Gloccus" has developed a friendly rivalry with "Macragge's Avengers," and both close support squads vie to accumulate the most honours upon the battlefield.

Devastator Squads

The 2nd Company is comprised of 1 Devastator Squad:

  • 9th Squad - Commonly known as the "Titan Slayers." Led by Sergeant Atavian, the 9th was awarded the Principex Maxima for their destruction of the Renegade Warlord-class Titan Soulmauler.

Hellblaster Squads

The 2nd Company is comprised of 1 Hellblaster Squad:

  • 10th Squad - "Squad Dryden" and their new weaponry gained much respect when they drove back an assault by plague-toughened Death Guard Chaos Terminators.


The 2nd Company has 2 Dreadnoughts:

  • Brother Agnathio - Having fallen in the line of duty at Chundrabad in 141.M36, Agnathio has spent much of his lifespan in cryostasis, but fights with as much fiery wrath as ever.
  • Brother Ultracius - Ultracius was interred inside the shell of a Dreadnought after the Pyra Crusades in 453.M39. The interred warrior’s name is picked out on the sarcophagus. Numerals on the armour plating indicate that Brother Ultracius is the second Dreadnought attached to the 2nd Company.


In the animated film Ultramarines, the current commander of the 2nd Company is stated to be Captain Severus, while in the parallel Warhammer 40,000 Universe, titled Space Marine, the commander is Captain Titus. But in Games Workshop tabletop wargame and novel canon,  the current Captain of the Ultramarines 2nd Company is Captain Cato Sicarius. This has led to some controversy about which captain to feature in Ultramarines armies and about the timing of each captain's leadership of the 2nd Company in the late 41st Millennium.


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