Ulrik the Slayer is the oldest of all the Space Wolves, except only the Dreadnoughts. In his long career he has fought in countless battles, winning honour and renown for his chapter again and again. Though once he was invited to take leadership of one of the Great Companies, he declined the honour, instead preferring to fight alongside his brother Space Wolves, rather than lead them. Instead Ulrik became a Wolf Priest, and in the long years since his investiture he has earned perhaps his greatest accolades by selecting and training many of the Chapter's greatest warriors.

A combination of near-unmatched experience and natural ferocity makes Ulrik a truly deadly warrior, and those who fight alongside are buoyed up by his natural charisma and excellent mentoring ability.

Those who know Ulrik well, however, are concerned by his apparent disregard for his own safety, for with each battle that he fights, he subjects himself to increasingly great risks, vowing to hunt down and kill the greatest champions and monsters among the foe with no care for himself.

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