Twisted is a short story published in the Horus Heresy Series. Twisted was originally published simultaneously as a part of the anthology novella Blades of the Traitor and as a stand-alone e-book. It was later released as an audiobook as part of the Black Library's Audio Week 2015. It is now also included in the War Without End anthology novel.


Since he was crippled by rebel treachery on Sixty-Three Nineteen, Maloghurst the Twisted has continued to serve the Warmaster Horus as his closest aide and confidant. His loyalty has remained constant, but the XVI Legion has changed, for rivalry and personal ambition now run rife, and although Horus' authority is supreme, his Equerry's is certainly not. When a daemonic plot to infest the Vengeful Spirit comes to light, Maloghurst reluctantly turns to the few allies he has left: the mysterious Davinites.


  • Twisted (Short Story) by Guy Haley
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