Armorial of the Doom Eagles.

Tulian Aquila was the first Chapter Master of the Doom Eagles, a Second Founding Successor Chapter of the vaunted Ultramarines Legion.


Tulian Aquila was a Veteran Battle-Brother of the Ultramarines Legion who served during the Great Crusade and the Horus Heresy. He was a Sergeant at the Battle of Calth, stationed alongside his company in the city of Ithraca.

When the traitorous Word Bearers Legion struck after taking control of Calth's orbital defences, only Sergeant Aquila and two other Battle-Brothers survived the orbital barrage.

During the subsequent fighting, Aquila was moved by the sacrifice of one of his Battle-Brothers and came to the realisation -- even though he himself was already dead -- that he had a duty to protect the innocent and to suffer so that they did not have to.

Later, then-Captain Aquila went on to become the first Chapter Master of the newly created Doom Eagles Chapter during the Second Founding.

The Doom Eagles quickly embraced their Chapter Master's sense of fatalism and came to accept that death was inevitable.

They believed and that every mission performed on behalf of the Emperor must be pursued with both fervour and zeal in defence of the Imperium and its people before one's life was spent.


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