"What need you understand but the Greater Good? What more than the Greater Good can hold any concern for you? Ask not where your husband went. Rather, rejoice that his absence benefits us all!"

—Maskin Quiore, Gue'la Water Caste Liaison

Tsua'Malor is the capital world of the T'au Empire's Velk'Han Sept and the headquarters of the Mal'caor Shi, the T'au Air Caste fleet and other military forces operating in the Jericho Reach. Once a populous and advanced Human world, it was transformed by Earth Caste architects into a shining example of T'au civilisation and enlightenment.

Few sights in the Jericho Reach are as magnificent as the skyline of Tsua'Malor's vast Equatorial City. Stretching around the Desert World's circumference, it houses millions of T'au settlers and the great edifices of learning and government.

The Mal'caor Shi's ruling council, a small number of Ethereals and ambassadors, gather in the kilometre-high edifice known in the Gue'la (Human) tongue as the "Transcendence".

Each caste has its own district in Equatorial City, from the floating tethered platforms of the Air Caste to the bronze-walled fortresses of the Earth Caste.

Several billion Humans also live on this world, in the planet's other cities cut from the rocky desert by Imperial pilgrim-settlers thousands of Terran years before.

Every city has a T'au quarter of glittering spires and grand pavilions, where the Human leaders gather to listen to the wisdom of T'au ambassadors.

One such city, Beldar, is home to the Gue'Retha, a research institute and university to which the T'au transport all the brightest and most talented Humans to educate them in T'au philosophy and technology. Attached to the Gue'Retha is a place which the T'au decline to name, but which Human malcontents call the Lacuna.

This underground research facility, it is rumoured, is where the T'au conduct psychological experiments on Gue'la prisoners.

The results supposedly help the T'au refine their methods of social manipulation, but no one can be sure since any heard to utter such thoughts vanish, quite possibly into the Lacuna itself.


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