"Hey! Did you feel the ground shake just now?"
— Guardsman Prall at the Battle of Table Mountain
Trygon vs. Eldar Tank

A Tyranid Trygon attacking an Eldar tank

A Trygon is a species of Tyranid that is similar to the smaller Ravener and often leads their hordes into battle. It creates huge burrows to tunnel behind enemy lines and uses its acute senses to detect the prescence of enemies above it. It is a deadly close combat specialist making use of six clawed arms, razor sharp teeth and a bio-electric field that flows through its armour and can incapacitate attacking enemies. It is also a very good stealth operative for the Tyranids, popping up behind enemies and slaughtering them where they stand.

The Trygon is a vast serpentine creature, so colossal that it towers over even the mighty Carnifex. It is a heavily armoured monster, covered from head to tail with a thick carapace of shifting plates. As the Trygon moves, these plates generate a potent bio-static charge that courses along the length of the beast’s body and wreathes its bladed forelimbs with crackling power. The Trygon can direct this energy as a lethal high-voltage discharge – unleashing pulsing arcs of lightning that leave its prey as little more than a charred pile of scorched bones.

A Trygon’s claws are not only fearsome in close combat, they also allow it to burrow through practically any material. When a Trygon detects an enemy above, it digs upwards, bursting through the ground with explosive force, its huge claws scything through warriors and tanks alike. Such attacks are hard to detect and harder to defend against, especially on worlds with background seismic activity. Once the beast emerges, only focused heavy-weapons fire can be relied upon to bring it down, for the Trygon’s iron-hard carapace is proof against all else.

Trygons excavate a massive network of underground tunnels as they burrow beneath the surface of a prey world. Other Tyranid creatures use the passageways left in the Trygon’s wake, scuttling unseen as battle rages overhead. The emergence of a tunnelling Trygon therefore often heralds a larger Tyranid attack, with hordes of creatures pouring out of the tunnel shortly after its emergence.

Trygon Prime

As with many Tyranid organisms, different Trygons display substantial variety; one of the most distinct is the Trygon Prime. These beasts have elongated jaws and containment spines running the length of their sinuous bodies, to better harness and direct their bio-electric discharges. More dangerous still, these Trygons share a strong synaptic link with the Hive Mind and are able to dominate the will of lesser Tyranid creatures.


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