Ankh Triarch

The Ankh of the Triarch, ancient symbol of the Necron Empire

A Tremorstave is a Necron weapon used only by Cryptek Geomancers. Indeed, it can be considered their signature weapon and symbol of office. Taking on the appearance of a simple stave with an ornate head, its shaft encloses numerous gyro-engines, gravitic-flux generators, and other sophisticated devices to form a weapon as deadly as it is unconventional.

When a Cryptek drives the tip of his Tremorstave into the ground, a wave of seismic energy is released, travelling in a straight line directly towards his intended target; splitting the very ground open and sending shards of stone and sprays of dirt blasting out with deadly velocity. The fissure created by the Tremorstave is approximately one metre wide, and enemies standing nearby are hit by an invisible concussive energy wave.

When the wave reaches its target point within a range of roughly fifty metres from the Cryptek, it explodes with fantastic force in a wide area, leaving behind a large crater. The forces unleashed by a Tremorstave can plunge enemies to their deaths, whilst knocking survivors sprawling from the sudden quake.


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