"Do not offer them gold, they do not come for the riches. Do not offer them surrender, they do not come for victory. Offer them nothing. They have come for your souls."

— Anonymous speaker describing a Dark Eldar raid on an Imperial convoy
Torture-class Cruiser

A Dark Eldar Torture-class Cruiser

Torture-class Cruiser2

A Dark Eldar Torture-class Cruiser, starboard view

The Dark Eldar Torture-class Cruiser is the larger of the two primary types of spacecraft that commonly comprise Dark Eldar fleets. As with all Eldar vessels, the Torture-class is frequently confused with other craft, yet Torture-class Cruisers show a wide variety of armaments, including weapons batteries, torpedo tubes, Phantom Lances, Impaler Assault Modules, and launch bays for Dark Eldar Attack Craft. Many are also equipped with Mimic Engines, and all are protected by Shadow Fields and have as much speed and manoeuvreability as Escort-sized spacecraft.

Outwardly, the Torture-class shares many characteristics with the Eldar Shadow- and Eclipse-class Cruisers, leading to many cases of mistaken identity and even the experts of the Imperial Navy's Fleet Institute of Alien Studies mistakenly classified the Torture-class as a variant of those vessels. Some accounts do indeed seem to indicate that Torture-class starships are some sort of amalgam of these Eldar starship classes, while other encounters reveal characteristics so divergent in both configuration and armament that it only becomes more difficult to properly classify these vessels. Accounts of Eldar vessels of slightly differing configurations attacking one another adds even more confusion to Imperial attempts to clarify the truth.

Whatever the case may be, the Dark Eldar use these apparent similarities to their advantage, and at least thirty attacks upon Imperial targets previously attributed to Eldar craft are thought to actually have been committed by Dark Eldar vessels. One notable instance came in the form of an attack on the Imperial monitoring station Adecca, where three hundred technicians were captured and then hurled from attack craft making low orbit runs over the planet Bladen in an unsuccessful attempt to invite Imperial retribution upon the wrong party.

All these similarities are only skin-deep, however. Unlike their Eldar cousins of the Craftworlds, the Dark Eldar care little for practicality or aesthetics in their starship design. Instead, the Dark Eldar create their starships to be as horrifying and destructive as possible, designed purely for sating their perverse lust for brutality. Ships often bear corridor upon corridor of torture chambers and "arboretums" filled not with trees, but with bloody rows of still-living impaled victims whose life is slowly sucked out by the void.


  • Hull - Varies; 4.2 kilometres long approx., 1.3 kilometres approx. abeam.
  • Class - Torture-class Cruiser.
  • Mass - Approximately 18 megatonnes .
  • Crew - Unknown.
  • Acceleration - 8 gravities max sustainable acceleration


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