The Tormentor Cannon of a Slaanesh Subjugator while being fired

The Tormentor Cannon is a large, long range Warp energy weapon that is used by the Slaanesh Subjugator Daemon Engine as the creature's primary ranged weapon. The Slaanesh Subjugator is a large Daemon Engine that is completely dedicated to the service of Slaanesh, the Chaos God of pleasure and excess.

As befitting the Dark Prince of Pain and Pleasure, the Tormentor Cannon is a psychically-charged Warp energy cannon that kills the Subjugator's victims with unbearable agony, leaving a trail of charred wrecks and ashen corpses wherever it is fired.

The Tormentor Cannon is used in pairs by the Slaanesh Subjugator, one mounted atop the machine's scorpion-like tail, and the other mounted dorsally along the daemonic machine's back. It is unknown if the Tormentor Cannon is used by any other Chaos war machines or Daemon Engines.


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