Tormented Possessed Marines

A Possessed Chaos Space Marine of The Tormented warband of the Black Legion

The warband of Chaos Space Marines known as The Tormented regroups all the Possessed Chaos Space Marines counted amongst the Black Legion's ranks into one formation. Those members of the Black Legion who take further steps on the road to power and merge their soul with a daemon, inviting a Warp-entity into their flesh and drinking deep of the Neverborn's corrupted power, forsake their allegiance to their former warband and join the ranks of The Tormented. Since their cataclysmal inception during the defence of the corpse of Horus on the Daemon World of Maeleum after the Horus Heresy, the ranks of The Tormented have swollen and their influence grown. Each Battle-Brother of The Tormented has a dark reflection in the Warp, the twinned sentience of the daemon sharing the corrupted Astartes' mind. These daemons, unsurprisingly, have their own agendas and will act upon those when the opportunity arises, making the warband as a whole a rather unstable and unpredictable tool of war, yet none can deny their horrific viciousness in battle. The most powerful of the Possessed Legionaries are granted the honour of serving as Navigators on the Black Legion's warships, as the blasphemous mingling of Materium-and Immaterium-born minds grants a Possessed the perspective to guide a ship through the Warp with a speed and precision no other can hope to match.

Warband History

Notable Campaigns

  • Me'kallar the Insane (899.M34) - Me'kallar the Insane was considered by Imperial scholars to be one of the most ferocious Defilers ever created. In 899.M34 it was at the forefront of a savage attempt to destroy the Blood Tigers' Space Marine Chapter's Fortress Spire on the jungle moon of Tryjon II. A warband fleet belonging to The Tormented erupted out of the Warp in a rapid deployment. Twenty Defilers were among the spearhead on the ground, including Me'kallar the Insane. The Daemon Engine burned great swathes through the forest so that the Tormented could bring their war to the foot of the Fortress-Monastery's outer walls. While the Blood Tigers were forced to focus their efforts on the horror below, Heldrakes tormented the structure further up the fortress spire. Gunfire raged through the skies while great gouts of blood and flame soaked the humid jungle down below. Only one foe from the Warp managed to breach the armored walls, and that was Me'kallar the Insane. The Defiler wreaked havoc inside the fortress-monastery, crushing whole squads of Blood Tigers. Dreadnoughts finally reduced the Daemon Engine to smoldering wreckage, but not before it had caused significant damage. Only after Me'kallar's fall did the forces of the Tormented finally retreat into the Immaterium, and the Blood Tigers were left to count their dead.


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