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The Tome of Fire is the name given collectively to the writings of the Primarch Vulkan of the Salamanders Space Marine Legion which contain clues to finding the nine artefacts he crafted for his Space Marines.

The tome itself is a sacred artefact of the Promethean Cult of Nocturne.


The ultimate fate of the Primarch Vulkan is a matter of much conjecture. Some sources state that he led his Chapter for as long as three Terran millennia before finally disappearing on an undocumented mission. Though he had been thought lost on many occasions, he always returned.

Vulkan's last disappearance, however, is made all the more mysterious by the texts he left behind, collectively called the Tome of Fire. Though much of the tome's content is akin to prophecy and its messages have been interpreted in different ways, one message is undisputed amongst the Salamanders Chapter's current leaders.

In it, the Primarch willed to his Chapter several personal artefacts, crafted by his own hand, though they were nowhere to be found and the text gave no indication as to their whereabouts.

Of these nine relics, five have been discovered by the Salamander Space Marine charged with the search, an office given the title of "Forgefather."

The legends say that only when the artefacts have all been recovered will Vulkan return to lead his warriors in the final war against the enemies of Humanity.


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