The Necron Sigil used to mark their ruins on various Tomb Worlds

A Tomb World is one of the worlds across the Milky Way Galaxy where the ancient and terrible xenos known as the Necrons chose to go into hibernation over 60 million standard years ago, deep beneath its surface in their specially prepared catacombs and tombs. Many Tomb Worlds are now settled planets of the Imperium of Man and their status as a Necron Tomb World remains unknown until the Necrons beneath its surface begin to awaken, much to the detriment of all life on the world. An unknown number of these planets exist across the galaxy in the 41st Millennium. Some Tomb Worlds were once the settled worlds of the ancient Necrontyr species that eventually became the cybernetic Necrons after their enslavement by the C'tan, and Necrontyr ruins are sometimes found on or beneath the surfaces of such worlds. Many Necron Tomb Worlds are now Dead Worlds, largely lifeless and barren deserts. Whether this is a result of the Necrons having cleansed all life from the world millions of years before during one of ther foul "red harvests" or whether such climates were the preferred homeworlds of the Necrontyr civilisation, is unknown. Many of these worlds are often the sites of archeological expeditions carried out by Adeptus Mechanicus Explorator teams looking to uncover ancient xenos or STC technologies or Rogue Trader expeditions hoping to turn a profit from what they discover. Many of these exploratory teams are never heard from again once they begin to explore Necrontyr ruins that inevitably lead them to the tombs of the dormant Necrons that lie beneath the sands.

The Necrons' underground tombs are generally quite large and cavernous, containing repair facillities that are manned by Tomb Spyder robots that repair the Necrons that were critically damaged in recent battles. They have stasis units, in which the dormant Necrons hibernate. They also usually have a large room in which either the Necron Lord that commands the Tomb World (occasionally called a Platinum Lord or a Tomb Lord) or one of the four remaining C`tan sleep in a massive, ornate, black stone sarcophagus.

The list of known Tomb Worlds in the Imperium is delineated below:

Planet name Segmentum Sector Subsector System Population Affiliation
Damnos Ultima Segmentum Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Necron
Pavonis Ultima Segmentum Unknown Unknown Pavonis System 300,000,000 Imperium of Man
Cthelmax Ultima Segmentum Unknown Unknown Unknown None Imperium of Man
Kronus Ultima Segmentum Lithesh Sector Unknown Unknown Unknown

Imperium of Man

Tau Empire

Naogeddon Ultima Segmentum

Segmentum Obscurus

Unknown Unknown Unknown None Unknown
Kaurava III Ultima Segmentum Lithesh Sector Unknown Kaurava System Unknown Imperium of Man


(Imperial name: Angelis)

Ultima Segmentum Unknown Unknown Unknown Orks Orks
Rahe's Paradise Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown


(Exterminatus eliminated the population)

Imperium of Man
Lorn V Ultima Segmentum Unknown Unknown

Lorn System

None Imperium of Man
Selaaca Segmentum Pacificus Vieled Region Unknown Selaaca System Human population harvested by Necrons


(formerly Selaacan Empire)

Sanctuary 101 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Imperium of Man
Phaethon IV Unknown Unknown Unknown Phaethon System Unknown Imperium of Man


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