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Tliensic D'raque is the Archon of the Dark Eldar Kabal of the Wraithkind. When D'raque sought to create a realm within the Webway separate from the larger Dark City of Commorragh to escape the control of Commorragh's dictatorial ruling overlord, Asdrubael Vect, Vect unleashed an unusual punishment upon D'raque and his entire Kabal.


Once the rulers of the pleasure city Aur-Ilithain, one of the satellite realms of Commorragh within the Labyrinthine Dimension of the Webway, the Wraithkind were extremely powerful until their Archon, the daemon-courting monomaniac Lord Tliensic D'raque, attempted to close his dark paradise off from the rest of Commorragh. By destroying the single hyperspatial bridge that led from the heart of the Dark City to the Cyclops Gate of Aur-Ilithain, D'raque announced his intention to secede from the rule of the ark City's dictatorial overlord, Asdrubael Vect, the Archon of the Kabal of the Black Heart.

The very next night six secret portals suddenly opened across Aur-Ilithain, and thousands of shadow-creatures spiralled through, chanting in an eldritch tongue. Before the next dawn, Vect's ethereal allies had plunged the pleasure city and its denizens into a half-real state slightly out of phase with the rest of the Webway. The Wraithkind were forever altered, changed into night-shrouded fiends similar to Mandrakes that can only feed upon the pain and despair of others when they step out of the Webway into the material world. When they do so, the venting of their frustrations upon the "lesser races" of the galaxy is truly shocking to behold.


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