Tizcan Host Heretic Astartes

The Tizcan Host Thrallband Colour Scheme as displayed by Khar en Shaphat of the Cleansed Ninefold

The Tizcan Host is a thrallband of the Thousand Sons Traitor Legion. The Tizcan Host is known for its shared delusion. Every one of its Sorcerers believes he passed from mortality entirely at the time of the casting of the Rubric of Ahriman, and that he has been reborn as an avenging angel. The host still believes it has but one duty -- to rain the righteous fire of the Crimson King Magnus the Red upon the Imperium that once dared cast him out. Though they pretend to superior, otherworldly goodness, the Tizcan Host is perhaps the most warlike thrallband of all.

The followers of the Tizcan Host are known as the Choir of Eagles. This is a term that dates back to the Great Crusade, when sweet music echoed through every Thousand Sons processional. The harsh squawks and cries of their mutant followers, the Tzaangors, are a grotesque mockery of the songstrels that came before, yet they still wear the same colours as their predecessors.

Warband Appearance

Warband Colours

The Tizcan Host thrallband's colours are azure trimmed in gold. Members of this thrallband often wear the colour white, which was associated in the culture of lost Prospero with purity and soundness of spirit. These are claims that grow more dubious with every passing Terran year, for that sacred white has been stained red with blood countless times over the millennia. The Tizcan Host are also known to incorporate aquamarine, the colours of the enlightened seer. The Rubricae of this thrallband, known as the Seraphya, stand in silence as the icons of their masters are scorched into their armour and tabards before each battle. The Sorcerers of the Tizcan Host tell themselves the uncanny stillness of the Rubricae is because of their vow of secrecy and their stoic demeanour, but the truth is far more disturbing.

Warband Badge

The Tizcan Host thrallband's symbol is a yellow sigil of the Cult of Magic -- known as the Horned Crown -- that is a reference to the circlet worn by the ancient Prosperine deity known as the King of All Angels.


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