Kaldor Draigo, Supreme Grand Master of the Grey Knights, triumphant over a Greater Daemon of Chaos while wielding the Titansword

The Titansword is a relic Nemesis Force Weapon always wielded by the Supreme Grand Master of the Grey Knights Chapter of Space Marines which also serves as his badge of office. It is currently in the possession of Supreme Grand Master Kaldor Draigo, who remains trapped in the Realm of Chaos.


A relic of the earliest days of the Imperium, the Titansword has been entrusted to the Supreme Grand Master of the Grey Knights since records began. Stories of this Nemesis Force Sword give it many names: Mind's Edge, Foebane and Lifedrinker to name a few. Legends say the Emperor forged the blade for a favoured general during the Unification Wars on Terra, teaching him how to use his mind to trigger its terrible powers. During the Great Crusade it then passed into the hands of his champions, spilling alien blood on a hundred worlds as Mankind reclaimed the stars.

When Malcador the Sigillite took the first Grey Knights to Titan, one of the relics he carried with him was rumoured to be the ancient Force Sword. Along with His pure genetic legacy and psychic power, it was one of the Emperor's gifts to the newly founded Chapter. Renamed the Titansword by Janus, the first Supreme Grand Master, the blade must be psychically attuned to each new master. Only once it is keyed to the mind of the wielder can its true killing power be called upon.

The Titansword is more than a mere weapon -- it is the badge of office of the Supreme Grand Master, a potent symbol of the Chapter's sacred duty and the Emperor's fury given form. Every lord of the Chapter has been the warden of this blade, and though many have used other weapons in battle, the Titansword's keen blade has slain more foul daemons than any other.


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