Gladius-class Frigate

A Gladius-class Frigate of the Ultramarines' Chapter fleet similar to the Thunder's Word.

The Thunder's Word is a modified Gladius-class Frigate that has served the Deathwatch in the Jericho Reach for over two standard millennia. It is whispered that it was built in the orbital docks above Mars itself under the direct supervision of the Arch-Fabricator Castilus.

Compact, heavily armed, and swift beyond anything that might be expected of its class, this warship can only deploy a relative handful of Battle-Brothers into action owing to the internal space given over to its massed batteries and powerful engines.

Commanded by the venerable Battle-Brother Pellas, the Thunder's Word has been used in some of the most dangerous operations undertaken by the Deathwatch in the Jericho Reach.

Its list of battle honours has become legendary: over three score of raider and xenos ship-kills to its name. Its most lauded mission remains the daring raid in which it slipped past the Chaos fleets above Samech to recover the records from the lost watch station known as the Slaughterhouse.

It was also the Thunder's Word that first glimpsed the bio-ships off the moons of Freya and warned of Hive Fleet Dagon's advance through the rimward systems of the Reach.

The Thunder's Word remains one of Watch Fortress Erioch's Master of Vigil's favoured instruments should a Deathwatch Kill-team need to be deployed deep inside enemy-held territory.


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