• Did you not want the info from his wounded after he was shot down in Slaves to darkness that I added on there? It was large part of his story in that book happening after he broke orders. I know in a book i cant rememeber name to he had a missing left eye replaced with a simple blank silver ball augmetic. well in Slaves to darkness after being shot down he wakes in the apothcary. he notices he cant see and the magos there tells him his bionic was turned off and that his remaining eye along with that side of his head was lost in the blast. well after¬†turning his eye back on volk sees that he is just a fusion of augmetics and burnt flesh with a head now made of iron as well as all of his limbs missing. idk i just thought it was large part of his lore in that this guy is basically mostly machine now.¬†

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    • I understand that you are trying to be helpful and thank you. But it is not a character page for him. You included that piece of information at length and in more detail than necessary but left out many other far more important things from his biography which simply left the entry incomplete and therefore unhelpful.

      Don't create an entry unless you know ALL of the information on that subject and all of the sources. You do not have the experience to create entries for us and this is really not a wiki for beginners to just jump right in.

      In general, we ask new users to learn our formatting and guidelines before making any major edits. If you want to be helpful, it would be best if you started by checking existing pages for factual errors and typos until you are much more familiar with our content and formats.

      Additionally, I cannot respond to every concern you have every day, though thank you for all the cool things you've added and brought to my attention.

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