• I was going to add  Dreadnought Radamarr from Clan Dorrvok to iron hands notable members, but the page is locked rn.  I find him a neat additon in that he is the main character in his short story and is actually a dreadnought whos pilot isnt inside. hes just a soul in a dread. The story goes on about his unit being wiped out by xenos and he is found cut in half by a wolf priest called Jathrac.  the wolf priest was going around gathering the geneseed of Radamarrs fallen brothers. but when he gets to Radamarr, the dread tells him not to gather his as he is not worthy.  well anyhow it gets to him opening the dread and finding out there is no pilot inside left just wires and bone cogs.  The story is Iron Soul by Phil Kelly.  I have a pdf of it if need for sources. 

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    • Also it should be added to his character info in notable members that Dreadnought Furnous as of The newest Iron Hands codex was removed from his old Dreadnought shell and is now put into  Redemptor Dreadnought.

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