• I edited the image Info for the damaged Dreadnought. I found a pic on google of the page the dread shows on since the book is hard to find anymore. 
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     I added the image to this message so you know i didnt add false info to the wiki.
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    • Also I figured I would note that there is another Dark Angel that crossed the Rubicon Primaris. Xerophus. The info is on Psychic Awakening Ritual of the Damned, pg. 42. I figured i would just tell you instead of adding the info myself and doing it wrongly, as im not sure I did the info I already added to Sons of Medusa or Iron Father right. 

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    • Thank you for the OEF picture! Only scans were ever available.

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    • Your welcome man. I hope I learn more on the wiki style over time and can help you help this project grow. 

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    • One other minor thing I found that I think would look great on the Shattered Legions page is the new pic from Sons of Selenar of Ulrach Branthans improvised Dreadnought.
       I just think it would look great next to his bio on the page as there is no other Dreadnoughts like his.
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    • As
      well as  the art of lazarus  that crossed the Rubicon Primaris. This one is from the cover of  Psychic Awakening Ritual of the Dammed.
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