• I'm writing a novel for black library about an imperial guard conscipt, and i just wanted to see what everyone has to offer about the process of conscription. What they eat, how they train, what paper work a conscript might need. ANYTHING you guys can offer. Ive already gone over the whiteshields page and looked into a bunch of things on this wikia. so any other resources would be appreciated. 

    thanks guys

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    • Hmm...don't really believe you are writing for Black Library and this is where you are doing your without a login..hmm

      Offical Secrets act equivalent. Basic contract equivalent. Death and in - service benefits. Oath to the Crown. Vetting forms for handling sensitive material. Uniform sizing form Medical forms Unit/specialist/posting preferences form Pay/pension sheets Etc

      This question is massively open ended though and without details of the world etc we can't comment properly..

      We also should sign a intellectual property agreement incase we give any good ideas you then use...For Black Library

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    • I am Matt Ward

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    • hmm don't know if that makes it more or less likely to be true really.

      As I say, depends entirely on the culture of the recruiting world as it will echo very similar to our countries in the days of conscription e.g. UK conscripts were quite well treated and trained compared to Chinese or Russian. Again, it also depends on time as this has - in general - evolved to be better regarding conditions etc.

      If it is Cadia for example, they, being professional and a long serving fortress world will have a high quality, almost compassionate (if still tough) compared to maybe a death world which is less...professional.

      Research true processes and copy it, my service is valid but i'm not going to give you the low down on my thoughts as I won't get credit...that and I think a so called professional should be able to research better than this.

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    • A BL author should have access to BL products and hence have enough information available.

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    • Couldn't have put it better myself...I smell a walt

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    • do you have enough body parts to move and aim a gun

      if so welcome to the guard

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    • A FANDOM user
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