• Ok guys! We've been preparing for this rp for more than 2 weeks!  And now we shall start! I will start with the rules of the rp and then will write a short introduction to start the story!

    The recruitment thread:

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    Rules & Guidelines

    1. No OP!!!

    2. You can do whatever you want to do (as long as it is within the boundaries of logic and reason) yet you cannot write down the results of your action! What do I mean? Simple, for exmaple: Orlovio has spotted the ship's intruders and opened fire on them. Master can write down the action of his character, but he cannot write down if he hit or missed the intruders. This is where I come in. While in normal W40K RPG players use dices to determine their success or failure, we won't be doing it here. Instead, The GM (meaning me) will decide the results of all other characters actions (including that of the NPCs. Like I said, you can start the action, but you must not finish it, and leave it to me.

    3. A very importent request! Please! Check your grammar spelling! Here is my advice, when you done writing down your post and click the reply button, do not close your tab and read what you wrote! This is what I do. You may find some grammar mistakes, when you do find them, do correct them, please. If you don't know how, use some grammar checker online, it will help you correct your grammar. Reverso is a good example:

    4. From time to time, something may happen and I may take control of your characters for a small time-being, in order to roll the plot in a different direction.

    5. If you are going to disappear for some time, or want to leave the RP, please, do tell before doing any of that! This is very importent! As this kind of action can slow down the rp, or may even kill it!

    6. You must write at least 1 paragraph for each post (10 sentences).

    7. I will create an OOC thread, so that you won't fill the rp thread with OOC (Out of Character) messages. All OOC messages will be written in the Rp's OOC thread! Also, there will be no need to write IC (In Character) in the RP, since all OOC messages will be in the other thread. Though you are free to write it down if you want.

    8. Rogue Trader's retinues can take control over the ship's NPC crew, just like the Rogue Trader gives orders to his retinues. The same way the retinues may give orders to the Ship's crew (if they indeed hold the right position and power over the NPCs). The rule number 2 also falls on this rule.

    9. Don't forget that your charcters are not servitors. They like anyone else have thoughts and emotions. They may fear something, get corrupted, become insane... and of course... eventually die... throughout the rp, try to put yourself in your character's skin, and understand what you would've done if you were instead of your character.

    10. Makes sure not to miss the new messages! When you return to see new actions that your fellow crewmembers did, be sure to scroll to the upper side of the rp thread to see all the new messages. Missing those new messages may result in misunderstanding and ignorance, this will effect the rp in a few negative ways. So make sure that this will not happen ok?

    The RP's Game Master: ZiXIS , meaning me=)

    People that are participating in this RP: MasterofAgony693, ReinnoSanguinior, The Lord of Silence, Eye of AnutkDaniellaH2WK  and DANNYD99 

    The Journey has began...

    After resupplying and counselling specific sources about the rumors and the threats of the Expanse, the Ship left Port Wander. Its Captain looked at the stars, while the Port Wander was slowly disappearing from his sight. He could not know, nor could he surely tell the wonders and the horros that were awaiting him at the edge of the dark cosmos. Yet he will not find them on his own, surrounded by his most trusted advisors and his first mates, the Rogue Trader is certain in his success to plunder the wealth of the Expanse, and discover the obscure secrets that haunt the planets beyond the Emperor's light...

    The crew is getting ready for a warp jump, the Captain has summoned his retinues to debate the next steps of their adventure before they enter the realm of the Great Ocean. The trusted ones stand before their Captain in his own chamber, awaiting their's Captain orders ...

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    • Please wait for Danny to finish his Character's profile, ok guys? There is no need to rush.

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    • Also guys, read the rules before you start role playing! It is very importent!

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    • Sefarius looked around the room at the many gentleman gathered before him.

      Some things never change...

      He thought, before clearing his throat, looking down at the hardwood meeting table he had installed.

      "Gentlemen, Its finally time..."

      Looking up to meet the gaze of his new retinue.

      "It may have taken time, but after almost a month of preperation, we are finally setting off on our journey..."

      Sefarius would look into every man's eyes as he spoke, making sure to meet their eyes for a several seconds each.

      "A joureny that will take us to places never seen or even imagined by anyone. From planets full of wonder and majesty..."

      Sefarius would then close his eyes and frown...

      "To perils most dangerous and foul. From the xeno to the corrupted, an unending number of evils will attempt to destroy us on this journey, and they may very well succeed one day... But..."

      Sefarius opens his eye's once more, a grim expression across his face.

      "You all knew that when you signed on to this boat. Now, I don't pretend to know why any of you have joined me, and frankly, I don't care. What I do care about is that your here, and you help me and each other to ensure that day never happens. I can't promise any of you anything, save that in my experience, the closer you are to those next to you, the more likely we all live. So all I ask of you is to do your duty, and to know your fellow crewmembers, and I promise to do everything in my power to lead us through this endless sea of stars, alive and well."

      Ending his speech with a grin, sefarius would sit back in his chair, ready to start the meeting.

      "Now then, before we discuss exactly which direction we warp in, I think its best if we go over everything one final time. So, who wants to start?"

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    • Ramius step forward before addressing Rogue Trader Sefarius:

      "Very well m'lord, I shall start first. All weapons onboard the ship are in premium operational condition, we won't be caught by surprise in the event of an attack. All sergeant-at-arms are handpicked from the crew and they won't let you down or everyone down as a matter of fact. Furthermore, every gun locker on each level of the ship are well equipped and stockplied in the event of an enemy boarding. There's a gun locker in every section of a level so that the crew won't be in the wrong place in the wrong time finding a weapon to defend themselves." 

      "Other than that, the ship onboard supplies of ammo and spare parts for weapons of all kinds should be able to last us close to a year outside the void." 

      "That should be all, unless I have missed anything. Please do enlighten me so that I can correct my mistakes." 

      After finishing his report, Ramius step backward at ease and look straight, waiting........

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    • Matthias stepped forwards next, his skull probe swerving elegantly to the left to provide him with room. "Sir," he began, as his voice rasped slightly, the metal elements of his throat grinding a little as he spoke. "The machine spirits here are well prepared and ready to provide us with loyal service. I have seen to it that all servitors and lesser systems are tuned for precise action should it be required. The engines are ready for use as soon as we set out. I am somewhat concerned as to the drive's easy functionality so I will be monitoring it closely during our voyage. I do not, however, expect any trouble."

      Matthias had been studying to other people in the room up to this point, hunched towards the rear. Now his hood was tilted back revealing the metallic portion of his face. Everything from the bridge of his nose down was a single elegant metal shape with a grate set in the centre through which his voice echoed. The metal portion continued up the right side of his face to the glinting bionic eye which idly scanned the various elements in the room.

      With a quiet wheeze Matthias withdrew to the rear of the group, his skull probe floating back to its original position above the heads of those others in the room.

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    • *Orlovio rose up after bowing down in prayer and turned his gaze toward Sefarius, wating for Ramius to finish his speech, he added, with a sincere look and he proclaimed:

      "We shall also have the Emperor's blessing as we set out upon this journey. Our faith must not waiver, but must ever be bolstered as we venture into the great darkness beyond the Emperor's light. Lord Vorst, you have the thanks of the Ecclesiarchy, and myself, due to your bravery and faith placed in the God-Emperor, we shall travel the stars and together we will bring the holy teachings of the Imperial Creed to heathen worlds."

      After speaking, Orlovio took a deep breath, and gazed at all of the other figures gathered within the grand chamber before turning his attention to Sefarius again.

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    • The door of the chamber moves slightly and a head of a young man is shown looking at the assembly. The young man then opens the door and enters the chamber of the Rogue Trader.

      The man walks towards the Lord of this ship and bows down before him as he stops near his retinues. 

      "Forgive me, Lord Vorst. I'm late for the meeting. The vox-transmissioner in my chamber works poorly." - the young man noticed the questioning face of Sefarius.

      "Lord Cantac may had not informed you of my presence. My name is Ardan Valkirius, I'm Xenographer, and I'll be escorting you on this expedition."

      Ardan ignored all the others retinues, who were surprised by the arrivel of an unexpected guest.

      Ardan looks like a caucasian young man with a short-straight black hair and blue eyes with a muscled body.

      The scholar stands in his black fur jacket, which is reinforced with a pair of shoulder and arms plates. While wearing his black semi-finger short leather gloves. Ardan also possess a grey utility-belt that he wears above his brown skinned trousers. Ardan walks in his pair of black rubber belt-boots

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    • As others finished with their speech and the young Xenographer finished after his unexpected arrival, Morris steps out clearing his troath.

      "My lord i'm pleased to report that the ship is in perfect condition for setting out on our expedition into unknown. As Lord Ramius already said we are well suplied concerning weapons and ammo. 

      Concerning food water and everything else the situation is the same very well suplied and it can last for a long time in the void.

      As for the trading merchendaise i personally selected finest materials and goods, and in due time i'm positive we will make a good profit on it.

      I personally double checked all of our suplies nad made sure they are well secured.

      As for the crew moral it is in perfect condition all of them are at their best.

      And forgive me for not reporting to you about this young man, i asure you that his skills will prove invaluable to us on our journey."

      After that he slowly withdraws for a step waiting for fruther instructions.

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    • Achiilleus stood silently at the small table in the corner, fiddiling with his own Emperor's Tarot deck. The black robed astropath stared blankly at the deck with dead and useless eyes. At the introduction of the young Xenographer the Astropath pulled from the deck the Emperor of Mankind. Sliding the rest of the deck away into a hidden pocket of his cloak, Achilleus placed the card onto the small table before placing his blank-visaged helmet onto his head as a comfort zone in preperation for his speech. Once Ramius finished his speech the Astropath stepped foward carrying the card in his gloved hand. He began striding towards the Rogue Trader, moving past anything in his path as if he had perfect vision. Once he was within arms reach of the Rogue Trader he presents the card to him and bowed while cocking his head to the side in an attempt to make himself appear smaller.

      "The Emperor of Mankind, my lord is said to symbolize a journey of discovery. The Void is calling us my lord, and with me by your side any and all messages sent or received will be answered."

      He keeps a firm grip on his staff while staring off to the side of the Rogue Trader, preventing him from making useless eye contact through the visorless mask. 

      "The choirs sing loudly my lord, and as your Astropath Transcendant I will do all in my power to ensure their voices no matter how dull leave my hark." 

      Hiding the card back into his cloak, the Astropath moves back towards the small table to remove himself from any stray glances or gazes. 

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    • Sefarius had then gathered his servants around his table, a strange device that was presented on the table has created a three-dimensional picture. That holo-picture was the area of space that the ship's augur system could show. The Holo-map showed the Port-Wander, from which the Regis Gambit has just departed. It was showing the ship's location, asteroid fields and other space substences.

      After locating the ship's position, the Rogue Trader had the device turned-off. He took out a scroll from his desk and opened it wide around the table. Through the holo-map, Sefarius could now estimate the position of the Regis Gambit, but the device would not show the position of the Maw, a Warp-Gate that is connecting the Koronus Expanse and the Calixis Sector. If Sedarius is to make it to the Expanse, then he must pass the Maw first...

      After the presentation of Sefarius' plan, the retinues began sharing their thoughts on the matter...

      This is the part where you guys start counselling Sefarius on what to do on the way to the Maw. Use the articles of the wiki, or just start give your opinions on what can happen during the journey. Those that do not wish to stay within the Trader's chamber and talk to Sefarius can return to their quarters, and do their things..

      Like I said before, in this part of the RP you will be more talking and bonding then actually doing something. Once you have created your bonds with each other, we will move onwards...

      And by bonds, I don't mean that you all must befriend each other: create some rivalries, spread some rumors on other retinues, get to know each other, honour, lie, dislike, be rude and do all those stuff to define your place on this ship. IN other words, I want to see the personalities of your characters... good luck...

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    • After the map and the hologram were presented Cantac aproched the table.

      "My Lord i see these maps are insuficient for safe journey trough the Maw but i think i may have a solution."

      He then pulls out his Dataslate and puts it on the table opening somekinde of map.

      "You see my Lord this map here shows the locations of the Stations of Passage, and even tough they are not used very often these days I think they can be used in a differnet way. You see they could guide us trough the Maw more safely, there we dont have to dock at all we can just rest a bit for the next Warp jump and we could cut down chance of posibile intrusions during our journey trough the Warp."

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    • After the Lord Trader finishes showing off the parties' path and their destination, the blind seer pulls from his cloak his tarot cards. He listens to the words of Cantac and his proposals of stopping at the Stations of Passage. Once the man finishes his suggestion but before he can pull away his Dataslate the psychic courier places a tarot card in the middle of the table for all to see. The card shows a temple of glorious light, with the void of space not far behind it. The seer hunches over and stares crookedly at the card.

      "The Temple my Lord is one such Station of Passage, and is one of more peaceful approaches to the Maw. It represents blessed travel my Lord, but it also tells of leaving the light of what we know behind us."

      After allowing his companions to analyze what he has said, the Seer takes the card away and hides it back within his cloak. He moves his blind visage onto the Lord Trader, the psyker slowly moves his twisted hand and points the Temple's location out on the map Cantac presented. The Astropath twists his gaze onto Cantac before speaking again.

      "Blessed be the Emperor for the Temple is not far from our current location my Lord and would require very little exposure to the Immaterial."

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    • *Orlovio listened carefully to Sefarius, he had was no expert on travel through the maw, yet he knew he could help in one way or another." After Achiilleus and Cantac offered their suggestions, Orlovio approached the table.*

      "Might I suggest that before we enter the maw, we all join in prayer to the Emperor so that his glorious highness on the Golden Throne will aid us as we enter the maw, and keep us safe from it's ravages?"

      *Orlovio dismounted the Lectito Divinatus from atop his staff for a quick, but powerful prayer of faith to the God-Emperor, he opened to a page, and waited on the others to gather around him to recite it alongside him.*

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    • Matthias watched impassively as Orlovio took down his book. He made no move to join him in his prayers, instead he took a few steps back to allow the others more space, presuming this the appropriate social action. He inclined his head forward slightly and spoke several quiet words of praise and prayer to the Omnisiah. His skull probe floated silently around his head, making a circle in the air that was almost halo like in fashion.

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    • Ramius folds both his arms and hmph at the notion of a prayer before speaking up,

      "A prayer eh??" "This seems a bit inapporaite now, for we are currently discussing ways to enter the Koronus Expanse and have not reached on a decision. Furthermore, we haven't even initiated a warp jump yet."

      Ramius finished his first sentence calmly and then looks straight at the Missionary in the eyes,

      "Master Orlovio, perhaps when we have come to a decision on where and when to initiate warp travel. Then, it should be more appropriate to conduct a fitting prayer to our God-Emperor before leaving Imperial Space."

      Ramius then turn towards Sefarius,

      "My lord, in terms of choosing where we shall proceed to the Expanse lies better with our Astropath here." Ramius gestures towards Achillieus before speaking once more: "If our Astropath that guides us through the void chooses this 'Station', then I shall place my faith in him."

      "If there's no objection to our course, my lord." "I seek to excuse myself to check on the Sergeant-at-Arms security details one more time before we fully commit ourselves to warp jump."

      Ramius then bow slighty towards Lord Sefarius and awaits his decision.  

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    • Ardan didn't say a word, he only listened. He knew that going through the Maw was a great risk. Yet it was the only passage that lead to the Koronus Expanse.

      He traded some looks with his colleagues, and saw various expressions. He didn't trust the psyker, though Achillieus was their only option. Ardan came to a conclusion that hiring a Navigator from Port-Wander was just a price that Sefarius was not going to pay.

      The Xenographer was also curious about Ramius. The Master-at-arms seemed to trust the Astropath. A rather suspicious action.

      Ardan has then tought about the two priests. Matthias and Orlovio were a rather eccentric personas on this vessel. A couple of priests of rivaling faiths, they seem more interested in maintaining their own spiritual strength rather than supporting the faith of others. Orlovio was the most outstanding of the two.

      The Scholar keept observing and listening...

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    • *Orlovio turned sharply to look at Ramius, shooting him a glare of confusion, he put the Lecito Divinatus down on the table to an open page and said calmly back*

      "A simple prayer to the God-Emperor is never inappropriate, no matter the circumstances, trials ahead, and decisions to be made, you must have always have faith, and especially as we enter the darkness of the warp. I suppose that I will take my leave from the bridge and return to the ship's cathedral for now, to allow you all to make your decisions, I bid you the God-Emperor's blessing.

      *Without another word, Orlovio picked up the Divinatus, placed it back on his staff and left the room uttering a silent grunt of displeasure, he then made his way to the cathedral on board the ship, it would be no short walk to it.*

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    • "Sir, I would request that I also might leave, for I feel hat machine spirits grow somewhat restless. I wish to be certain of their favourable action once we begin. Any failings in the workings of this voyage could easily lead to disaster." Said Matthias, watching the departing priest with a mixture of scorn and curiosity.

      He turned back to Sefarius and waited expectantly, his probe subtly following Orlovio out of the room, about twenty paces behind him.

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    • Sefarius remained silent for most of the exchanges, as he could already tell he had his work cut out for him.

      It may have been a bit early to tell, but he could already see the cracks forming between Ramius and Orlovio. He would have to smooth things over with Orlovio later, perhapes actually participating in a prayer session. While he wasn't a man of 'true' faith, preferring practical solutions to spiritual ones, he knew from experience that even a small prayer could help ease a troubled mind.

      However, he found most of his attention on the newcomer to the retinue, Ardan. He never did like 'unexpected' company, but something felt off about him. He hoped this feeling would dissapate over the course of their journey... but if it didn't...

      As Matthias finished speaking, Sefarius finally spoke up.

      "Well, If their are no objections, or alternatives for that matter, then we shall follow Achilleus suggestion." Sefarius said, ending the matter. "You may all return to your duties, and prepare for warp travel."

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    • Ramius acknowledge Sefarius answer with a nod and stride out from the room towards the middle level to run through the security details of each Sergeant-at-Arms.

      "Finally, time to leave Imperial Space and onwards to unknown space. Glad I was born into a Family with connection, otherwise, I will still be a slave to defence monitoring that old boring system."

      Ramius mused in his thoughts while making his way towards his destination.

      "But then, of all people to follow this expedition. They should rather stop trying to expand their influence and start looking at things that are closer by. Sheesh, what a pain in the ass, hearing them blared their horns about this and that. Prayers left, right, centre, all they know how to do is just talking. They should instead focus their energies on the frontline like every other good Imperial Citizen."

      "But then who am I to judged them, afterall I too am running away from the tedious boring system to explore the far reaches of unknown space. Hmmm, better just keep this thoughts to myself. It'll be a hassle if that bore found that I have such negative thinking of him."

      Ramius ponders on with his thoughts in his mind as he continues forward.

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    • "Very good sir," says Matthias before bowing his head and leaving the room. He traverses the ship for sometime, then waits patiently until his skull probe returns. He quickly downloads its information and considers it.

      'Nothing of importance here really,' he thinks, 'there is little that is unique about this crew. Plenty of small secrets but I doubt there's anything to significant.' He then turned and headed on towards the engineering hub (or bay or whatever we have).

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    • The Blind Seer stays in the room, tapping his glove-covered hands over his staff multiple times. He sees no point in leaving his Master's side, and simply waits to be called into service or to recieve a message from his kindred Seers. He watches as Ramius and Matthias leave the room, silently wondering if he would recieve a message for them. He turned his eyeless visage onto the rest of his companions, waiting for them to say something else or leave. 

      He admired the Missonary, as he could very much appreciate the God Emperor. The Astropath knew what it felt like to be connected with such a powerful being, to share in his power and mind. He wished he could have joined the Priest in prayer, though the Blind Seer wasn't truly upset by his inability to join. He moved his gaze next onto the young man who turned his eyes and ears onto xenos. He could feel the discomfort and distrust, though he didn't blame the young man as unsanctioned psykers were not to be trusted, and at such a young age one could hardly tell the difference between the various broods of psykers. The Astropath next turned his eye to his Master, the Rogue Trader himself. Such prestige and respect for such a young man. He would serve as best he could, for what other purpose was he to play other than the tireless messanger? 

      The Astropath stopped his train of thought and began his work. He pulled from his cloak a series of contraptions and devices. All tiny little pieces of metal, more like toys than actual devices of use. A simple compass-like devices, a gyro-top, and three hollow circular plates that he layed onto the table with small spaces between them. On these plates scratched into their surface were countless lines and symbols of gothic origin, to anyone else it was simply jumbled words and meanings. To the Seer however, they were much more. He locked the compass-like device into place between the largest plate and the medium-sized plate, before he spun the gyro-top and watched it rotate endlessly in the middle. 

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    • "As you wish, my Lord." - said Valkirius as he bowed down shortly. "My chamber is located at the 8th Deck, the officers of the Command Bridge know how to contact me, so you will have no trouble finding me. "

      Ardan had then proceeded to walk towards the exit of the Captain's chamber, once outside, he made his way to the Command Bridge.

      Sefarius, Cantac and Achilleus were left in the chamber. They could have much to discuss, away from their naive comrades. The Vorst's loyal servants were all ears, the Inner Circle was all but undisturbed.

      Those that are left in the Captain's chamber can either walk away like everyone else, or stay and try to council Sefarius on more private matters (if Sefarius trusts you enough that is...). 

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    • As Cantac heard Sefarius's decision he slowly bowed his head a little as a sign of the agreement. 

      "I shall take my leave then my Lord. I will run another check of our supplies now. If you need me, I'll be in my chamber."

      After that Cantac leaves the chamber. As he walks down the corridor thinking to himself.

      "It was good that I informed myself about this part of our journey, it proved to be valuable to everyone in the Inner Circle. I must not make mistakes, because every mistake can prove to be fatal. I shall carry my family's name throughout this part of space and bring them more fame and honour them.

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    • Cantac kept walking through the great hall, as he met two shadowy figures, awaiting him in the corner. The men kneeled before him with one left knee, making him honor and calling "my Lord".

      "Speak". - Cantac gave an order.

      "My Lord", - said the first one. "We have nothing on the Xenos-Scholar, my Lord. We suspect nothing... for now...

      "Very well, keep your eyes and ears open, he has yet to show his true face. Don't let him out of your sight!"

      "Yes, my Lord." -Said the second agent. We saw he making his way to the Ship's Commannd Bridge. We shall continue our vigil".

      The two men have then left.

      Cantac stood for a second, thinking to himself if he should speak with Ardan himself, to test his skills of deception and manipulation, or go back to his chamber?

      Here Sanguiniour, you can choose to interact with my character, or do what you were planning to do. the choice is yours.

      Valkirius stood on the deck of the Command Bridge, galncing at the monitor screens of the Bridge, looking at the stars from afar.

      The Midshipman noticed Ardan, he stood aside from the other crewmembers of the Command Bridge. The Midsipman was left in charge of the Bridge, he was curious about the unknown figfure.

      The Midshipman addressed the person, thinking that the man lost his way around the ship, Ardan has explained his arrival to the Bridge and introduced himself. The two then proceeded with talking about space-travel. Ardan intrigued the Midshipman with stories about xenos worlds, from the most horrifying Orks and to the enigmatic Eldars. Ardan has also praised the service of the Imperial Navy, as they were the Emperor's shield. In the end, the Midshipman threw his lot in with the Xenographer.

      Ardan's only request was to receive information from the events that may take place on the Command Bridge, Ardan had then left the Midshipman and exited the Command Bridge.

      In case if you are wondering, Sanguinior, you can still meet Ardan if you want.

      A sudden knocking was heard on the door of the Captain's chamber.

      "Enter", - answered the Captain loudly.

      A young woman named Fetrina appread before Sefarius. Her cloak was hiding her forehead, she was beatiful in nature, yet powerful in her own right. The ship's Navigator made her presence known.

      The Astropath felt her presence, as if he knew her better than her own Master. She caught his eye of interest. Achilleus knew that her spirit was young, yet it burned brighter than any aura that he has seen so far. Still, he kept tending to his divinity, showing no sign of noticing Fetrina.

      Achilleus was a loyal servant of Vorst, or so it seemed. He carried out his Master's orders, even going so far as to "encourage" his retinues in believeing that their next arrival will bring the fruits of prosperity. "The Temple shall be their first salvation", or so some of his retinues thought.

      Vorst knew that the Navigator was busy with choosing the warp-route for the ship to take, thus, she could not attend the meeting when all were summoned. Now, surrounded by psykers, Sefarius was the one to decide the final fate of his crew and his ship.

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    • *Orlovio continued from the mighty stained adamatine doors of the cathedral on board to a medium-sized altar, there he stopped and gazed at the elegance of the cathedral, the stained glass, the light of the stars shinning into the room, the warm, burning torches, and mystical, holy aura, he could have sworn then that the God-Emperor was watching him then and there, or perhaps something else within the dark void of space, he sighed and resolved to himself to not be angry at the rest of the crew, although religious matters must always come before work and duty, or so he thought, he figured that the crew still needed to plan, he was very eager to cross the warp safely, yet also concerned for Lord Sefarius.

      He felt the God-Emperor's mighty presence in that very cathedral with him, with zeal he opened a metal cabinet under the altar, and pulled out a red cloth to place on the altar, liting several candles and incense, he then set a copy of the lecito divinatus on the table, opened to the page which he had opened to previously. He simply left the set-up there and left for one of the crew and ventured to a back seat of the cathedral, to sit down, for he had not had much rest since arriving at Port Wander. Setting his staff and chainsword beside him, he took a deep breath and stared at the stained glass walls with images of the most famous Imperial Saints, he put his fingers on his chin in contemplation.*

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    • As Cantac was standing in the hallway thinking should he go to his chamber or test this young Xenographer he turns around and heads for Command Brige.

      As he walked down the hallway he pulls out his Dataslate.

      "Hmm lets see what i got on him in my info before i meet him. He looks like a promising person, but i need to see for myself how skilled he is. But i need to be carefull so he dose not see trough my true intentios."

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    • After a few minutes, Ardan saw Cantac heading towards the Command Bridge. The Xenographer proceeded with greeting the Seneschal.

      "Ah! Lord Cantac! I've been looking for you! I assume that we have an unfinished business. We did not have enough time to discuss my place within Lord's Vorst ship at Port Wander. Come along! Let's us solve this matter..."

      The two began walking towards the crew's quarters.

      "Like I said before, I know no greed, but like any other man, I have a price too. All I ask is to receive 5% of all the xenos' plunder that we may come across, for a scientific purposes of course! And may the Emperor strike me down if I will ask more of you!"

      Сantac kept listening, as the two were walking on a bridge that was uniting the two sections of the ship. Besides the guests were the huge crystel windows that were showing the stars and the void.

      "You were luckly to find me in the Port Wander, or was it me who found you?" - Ardan smiled. "God-Emperor knows what kind of thiefs and rascals could catch your attention! But now, you have nothing to worry about! Leave the vile aliens to me, their deceptions and wits shall have no power over you..."

      "I have almost forgot! I have chosen the guests' chamber that lays next to yours. I am sure this shall not disturb the Captain or you, yes?"

      Ardan and Morris were still walking towards their chambers, discussing the matter...

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    • As Ardan and Morris were walking down the corridor and Morris kept listening thinking to himself

      "Hmm a very intreasting story, this man knows his way around peoples minds, but he won't decive me. But still his skills of deception could be very usefull to us. Might as well keep him here for now, but i shall keep an eye on him until further notice."

      " A fair offer indeed."

      "Scientific purpous eh? Very well you have your 5% of our xeno plunder. But if i notice any suspicious experiments we shall have a word about it."

      "And in return i want every bit of information about xenos we encounter, their tech level their behavior everything."

      "I belive you have your ways of finding that out Lord Ardan? I'm quite intreasted in that, maybe you could tell me more about it over a glass of wine in my chamber."

      "Don't worry it wont disturb either of us, make your self at home in you chamber."

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    • Ardan gave a smile and then looked forward. "You flatter me Lord Cantac, I'm no Lord at all, just a wandering scholar who has a passion for the enigmatic alien mind... you could call that a heresy, but in our days, how many does live up to become a Saint?"

      Both men smiled.

      "You are Herald of Lord Vorst, a Noble in your own right. I am sure that a blood of a powerful Dynasty flows through your veins. Though I honor your attitude for treating me as your equal."

      The men made it to their chambers.

      "We had a fare talk, Lord Cantac. But for now I wish to rest. I will see you soon..." - Ardan had bow shortly before Morris and walked into his chamber, leaving Morris outside.

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    • Ramius finished his inspection of the security details with all the Sergeants-at-Arms on board the Regis Gambit. It took him several long hours of amending several of the lists and schedules and stuff that are dealt by the Sergeants. Ramius stood before the assembled Sergeants and gaze into the mass before him:

      "Alright, we have sorted out all the issues relating to your jobs and responsiblities. You all now have the remaining hours to implement this changes before we transit to warp travel. Also don't forget to have some R&R before we depart Imperial Space cause from warp travel onwards, it will be dangerous, it will be hard, it will also be exciting but remember this you all here plays an important keeping this ship, our Rogue Trader, Lord Sefarius and everybody else alive." "So chin up people and go do your work."

      After his small pep talk to the Sergeants, Ramius left the hall and proceed towards the cargo holds for one last routine check on the weapons supplies and stuff. While walking towards his destination, he pondered on with his thoughts;

      "Should I go and apologize to the missionary for chiding him on his suggestion of a prayer in the midst or a council??" 

      Ramius stop in his tracks and just shook his head. "Nah, there's no point with this overzealous b*****s, preaching whenever they like."

      Ramius then continue on his journey.

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    • Matthias had completed his last minute inspection of the engines and, finding everything in order, returned to his chambers. He had arrange so that all of the ships main systems could be monitored from here. No readings were abnormal. Satisfied he turned to where one of his servitors stood, currently deactivated. With quiet calm, but some anticipation, Matthias removed from the cyborg's stomach, a simple fist sized orb of silver metal. It was for this that he had committed his tech heresies, for this had he been banished, and for this had his right arm been taken. There was a faint pattern on the orb's surface; faintly gleaming silver lines. "I will know what secrets you hold," vowed the tech priest, as he had done many times before, "this time, I will find a way to open you."

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    • After taking a nap, Orlovio woke up and collected his gear. As he hefted his staff in his hands, he noticed a lone member of the ship crew, possibly just part of a microcannon gunnery team on his knees in prayer at the altar, the Missionary slowly walked up behind the man, and waited a bit for him to finish. He then said to the man:

      "It is quite refreshing to at last see one, seemingly the only man on this entire crew have the faith you have. May the Emperor grant his blessing upon you."

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    • As Ardan walked into his chamber Morris was still standig thinking to himself.

      "Hmmm, clever answer very clever. I'm starting to like this man. We shall see how things will go from here on out."

      After that he walks into his chamber an sits in front of his desk. He opens up one of the drawers and pulls out a picture. As he looks at the picture...

      "I sure would like he was here with me (he says as images of his brother and him from the past flash trough his memories). But he set out on a road of his own, i just can hope we will meet someday."

      He puts it back again and pours a glass of wine turning on a large touch screen (i suppouse they have something like that in their chambers) and opens up cargo tab.

      "Lets get back to business and see how will these mercheandise fare on our journey."

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    • The mariner stood up after his prayer.

      "Thank you, My Lord! Your words inspire me to stand before this cold and vast cosmos that surround us. Some of my companions were born to travel through the void, others are more durable, but I know that His devine presence shall draw forth those that have been lost in the dark..."

      The mariner took a long breath and sat on one of the benches of the Cathedral.

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    • Orlovio smiled at the man, in a priestly tone he replied

      "The God-Emperor has blessed our expedition, and with his powerful blessing we will travel safely through the warp and space. Fear not, for even those on board who seem to have little faith know that His Grace still guides them."

      In a more normal tone, Orlovio told the man

      "If you will, stay for the sermon, the pilgrims and perhaps some of the Rogue Trader's personal henchmen will be here for it before we must travel through the perilous maw. I will go now and announce the time has come for devotion and prayer."

      With out another word, Orlovio turned toward the mighty doors of the Cathedral and began walking toward him, making his way to the pilgrims' quarters, he continued down the hallway and stopped before the door to the bridge. He then entered the bridge to get a report on how close they were to the Maw.

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    • Fetrina's eyes had narrowed considerably at her 'captain'.

      "I see you've failed to 'invite' me to another meeting... A rather 'important' one as it happens..."

      Wasting no time on a greeting to the astropath or Vorst, she quickly makes her growing irratation known to them.

      "I mean, its not like your Navigator should have ANY say in where this ship should go."

      Yes, she had been busy picking the warp route, but she would think something as important as a destination would warrent her input, especially considering their chosen destination...

      "Especially considering this 'temple' is quite close to a bloody Warp storm!"

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    • Sefarius witheld a irratated sigh.

      ...Of all the navigators in the universe... it just had to be her...

      She had fair point though. Whilst he had left her out of most meetings due to her work, he should have probably had at that one... but as it happened it was one of the few times she was actually doing something important...

      "Miss Harnar... As I've explained before, most of those meetings had not required your presence, but you are correct that perhapes I should have had this meeting earlier or later, but it happened and a decsion was reached... unless you have a better suggestion?"

      Secretly, he hoped she did. After all, he had rather large doubts about this 'temple'. Again, despite his earlier speech, he couldn't help his suspiscion of his advisors...

      ...I'm already missing the guard... He thought, at least there he didn't have to question every colonel under him...

      But he digressed, looking back to Fetrina, waiting for an answer...

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    • The Blind Seer doesn't bother looking up at Sefarius and the so-called "Miss Harnar". He reaches into his pocket to toss out his Emperor's Tarot deck. He draws from it three cards the Temple, the Shattered World, and the Daemon. He slides the four cards to the end of the table he is sitting at so they are clearly visible to the duo. The Astropath Transcendant turns his blind gaze to the area between the two, in a unknowing mockery of eye contact during conversation.

      "The Temple is alone and cold, free from life and chaos." He pulls the Temple card back to himself and slides it into the deck, before tapping the Daemon. "The Witch World, frightening and evident to our misunderstanding of the Universe, very few crew members will want to travel to such a location." He pulls the card back like the Temple before tapping the Shattered World and speaking yet again. "Debrie surrounds this place, and can be host to any number of deadly forces be they piratical or daemonic." He finally slides the deck of cards back into his cloak before turning back to his tools, speaking one last time. 

      "There is one last station, one called the Hermitage. We might find some messages of use, or we might find nothing at all. Or we might find something that doesn't want to be found at all."

      The Seer finishes his cryptic talk by staring out at one of the walls, as if peering past the metal and into the void. Eventually he stops staring and goes back to his tools, waiting for a message or a response from his companions.

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    • *Once the Missionary was finished on the bridge, he continued on toward the pilgrims' quarters, along the way he noticed the hustle of the ship as all naval men were still organizing material, and preparing for warp travel. The halls of the vessel were truly chaos at the moment, and Orlovio had overheard the Navigator and Astropath debating when on the bridge.

      He eventually reached the pilgrims' quarters, he saw some of the pilgrims and he noticed that they looked the most poor on the vessel, the Missionary entered the large, but cramped chamber they were all in and proclaimed:

      "The time has come, faithful pilgrims, as this vessel will soon begin a most perilous part of our journey, and after which, the blessed journey through the expanse will begin. Follow me to the divine Cathedral of the God-Emperor, and wait humbly as he judges us prepared or not to undertake this voyage."

      As he turned toward the door, a look of uncertainty crossed his face, he knew that while him and the pilgrims in search of holy shrines were faithful, the rest of the crew seemed all too busy for devotion of any kind. With the crowd of pilgrims trailing behind him on their way toward the Cathedral, he was making his way quickly toward the structure, lest the pilgrims make the ship filthier, and lessen Orlovio's standing in the eyes of Vorst.

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    • Fetrina looked as if she had been slapped by a common mutant, her third eye twiching under the hood... but stayed her anger if only to not stain her dress with the blood.

      "True. The temple is by far the safest and most peacful of the passages, but as I just said their is a WARPSTORM practically right next to it."

      Looking away from the pysker, she set her now dagger like eyes on vorst.

      "So we can either all die, or we can to The Battleground. Right now, it has the safest route, and one that few rogue traders actually traverse. Who knows, maybe, your crew can get some much needed target practice."

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    • Sefarius was briefly taken aback by the two psykers. First of all, he wondered why none of these other stations had been brought up at the meeting. He may not know much about space in general, but one would think that the rest of his retiune might have had some idea of the others... or had the guts to actually suggest one...

      Next was the growing tension between Fetrina and Achilleus... well... mainly a one sided tension, the astropath seemed oblivious to the sheer anger flowing from Fetrina at him... and me... That could probably put a hole through the ship if she let it...

      Finally, Their was their 'disagreement'... if it even was one, Achilleus's response had been as neutral as it was unexpected, and he hadn't really suggested any particular one, although it may not have even changed since the meeting, despite the danger... although fetrina seemed fimrly opposed to it. True, while their may have been a warpstorm, sefarius knew Fetrina well enough to know she would never turn down a chance to show off... even if that meant extreme danger... Which made him wary of both options. True, a shiip graveyard would be good place to find materials and perhapes they would get good practice... but the she had suggested it had put him on edge.

      So... if both options are bad...

      "We head for the witch worlds."

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    • *Orlovio succesfully lead the procession of poorly clothed and fed pilgrims to the great Cathedral. In order, they all entered the Cathedral. Orlovio thought to himself what a contradiction the scene was, an ornate, massive, and extremely elegant Cathedral shimmering with the light of the stars shinning on the stained glass, he remembed that back on his homeworld, Ophelia VII, only the richest or most holy could ever hope to visit one of the grand cathedrals. here, on this vessel, all men were equal under the star-light of the God-Emperor.

      Orlovio continued to the speaking altar as the pilgrims all sat down, he made his way to the altar and waited for all to sit when he dismounted his Lecito Divinatus, he saw that the mariner who he had spoke with earlier was still there, and this fact had made the Missionary confident in himself. Once all were calm, seated and quiet, Orlovio turned to a page in the Divinatus and said to the mass.

        "Welcome, all who have boarded this ship to seek holy enlightenment under the starlight of the God-Emperor, we are nearing our voyage through the perilous warp, beyond the warp lies the treacherous expanse, where many dangers await, but fear not, my pilgrims! For His Grace will be with us the whole journey, and he has entrusted us with bringing His light to the heathen worlds of the expanse. Put your hands humbly together now in silent prayer to the God-Emperor, and heed the words of the holy tome as I recite them:

      "Deus Imperator,

      per vestrae

      supplicibus perturbationes de vacuo,

      et hoc per auxilium sanctificetur via.

      Per tuam aeternam lucem divini nominis tui Domine Deus meus,

      ut nobiscum in faciem haereticus repellat peregrinum,

      aut purgatio adducere illuminatione ignis ... ad gentes. In nomine sancto tuo!"

      *With the prayer recited, Orlovio gestured toward the Pilgrims to rise from prayer, and wait as the Missionary gathered all nessecary items to begin the daily Sermon.

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    • Fetrina was slient, caught off guard by the statement. How would he even come to that conclusion? For the love of the emperor...

      Of course, having checked ahead, she knew the route to that station had actually been fairly clear, and more stable than the The battleground's to be honest... 

      And what was wrong with her suggestion? 

      Composing herself, she first asks...

      "Is there any particualr reason you believe the witch world is more... advantageous than the battleground?"

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    • The Blind Seer yet again speaks up, turning his visage onto a nearby wall. He fiddles with his hands as he speaks, a nervous habit he picked up whenever speaking too much in one go without any breaks to release his anxiety.

      "Very simple, very simple. No stars, no other worlds, and a barren desolated world with no life and no resources. Who would stand to get any benefit over occupping such a place? The Witch World is of no value to anyone, so why even go except perhaps to go where no other would go."

      The Seer turns his gaze onto the Navigator before turning towards the Trader, than back down at his tools. He was interested beyond belief by the Trader. Here is one of the fabled Navigators and an Astropath Transcendant offering two different choices, what does the Trader do? He picks his own choice, makes his own decision. The Astropath admired that greatly, it showed the quality of a great leader. He smiled a crooked smile underneath his mask, he began tapping away at the table passing the away the short time until his companions replied.

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    • Once the coast was clear, Ardan left his chamber. He went up, back to the Trader's chamber. This time, two of the Captain's bodyguards were guarding the entrance to the room. Ardan informed the guards about his meeting with the Captain, and added a few words about the importance of this private meeting.

      One of the bodyguards ordered Ardan to wait, while he pressed a button on the small security vox-transmissioner that was build next to the door. He had reported of Ardan's presence to the Rogue Trader and about Ardan's request. Puzzled and stubborn, Sefarius dictated the bodyguards to hold Ardan until his meeting with his retinues was over. With that being said, the bodyguards held Ardan, which was not to the Xenographer's liking...

      The doors to the Trader's chamber were slowly opened, and Ardan walked in. He stood between the chamber and one of the ship's many long halls (from which he entered). Behind him, under Ardan's feet, could be seen a body of one of the bodyguards, he was moving slowly, trying to regain his conscious. Those that were inside the room looked suspiciously at the Scholar

      "Please, forgive me for my poor manners, but there is an urgent matter that cannot wait." - Ardan looked at the psykers while speaking, he then had his gaze turned upon the Astropath. "Gentleman," - Arden gave a cold look towards the Navigator. " And Milady, could you please excuse us? I would like to have a private talk with Lord Vorst."

      The present psykers tried to use their gifted sights to see what Ardan was representing. But they saw nothing, as if he was a stranger to the energies of the Aether...

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    • After checking all the merchendise and arranging it as he pleases Morris walks out of his chamber and starts headin slowly down the hallway.

      "Hmm now that i'm done with cargo i should head up to Lord Sefarius. I would like to know whats his decision about the next step of our journey."

      As he walks down...

      "Lord Sefarius seems like a quite a person for this job. Strong willed, reasonable and most important cares about other peopls opinions. As for the rest of them, time will tell..."

      He continues to walk to Traders Chamber.

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    • Knowing from experience just how Fetrina would react, he quickly inserted himself between the navigator and the xenographer, hoping to not have his walls painted red... again...

      "Yes, I do believe I have kept you waiting... and..."

      Turning to face Fetrina and Achilleus

      "I do believe we have a good bit of work that needs to be done. I'll inform the rest of the crew about it later."

      Turning mainly to Fetrina this time...

      "If your still interested in my motives, than come by later, but for now... we all have duties to attend to... don't we?"

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    • Fetrina's eye almost twitched wide open when he made his 'request'.

      Who did this peseant think he was! He believed his reason more important than her's!

      Sefarius's sudden interjection spared the xenographer from her wrath however, and she calmed herself... slightly.

      "Very well then..."

      She said, the anger and hate clearly in her voice.

      "I WILL be here again... and you had better explain just why we are heading there, of all places."

      With that, she nods her head at the blind seer, more so to insult him than anything else, and gives one last look at xenographer, one that could probably kill him, and then left the chamber in earnest, making a beeline to her own quaters.

      Even after she left however, she couldn't help but continue to think...

      ...Why would he choose there?...

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    • The Blind Seer throws a shy wave off to Miss Harnar before quickly collecting his tools and packing them away into his cloak. He stands up, graspes his staff tightly, and makes his way over to the Rogue Trader. He bows crookedly to his Master, before slowly shuffling towards the exit of the chamber. He stops just to the right of the Xenographer before staring at him for just a few moments before continuing on with his journey. Once the Astropath is outside the chambers, he looks around very confused on what to do now. He was never given much freedom, and to have no duties to attend to left him very afraid. The Astropath decides to take a small adventure, and go for a walk through the halls of the ship. 

      He walks through the hall, the only sound he makes is that of him dragging his gimp leg and his staff hitting the hard metal floor. He always did like taking walks before he became an Astropath, but very rarely was he left to his own devices. The Astropath hears a faint voice, but it holds power and he follows it to it's destination. Achilieus walks through the doors of the Cathedral and proceeded to silently limp towards one of the few empty spots within the pews. He sits down to listen to the Priest of the Emperor speak his holy words. Maybe he could learn more about the very person he was bound eternally to.

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    • Sefarius relaxed almost immediately after the two psykers had left. he then turned his attention to the xenographer.

      "You know, I did say I would do my best to keep you all alive... but I'd like you to refrain from anymore sucidal behavior..."

      Going back to his desk, he sat down, brining up a bottle of amasec from under it.

      "So what is it that you've risked your life to tell me?"

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    • *Beginning his daily (or perhaps weekly, it was hard to tell time in the void) sermon to the pilgrims, Orlovio turned to a random page within the massive Lecito Divinatus. Like many ecclesiarchal figures, Orlovio had believed his actions when preaching a sermon were directly guided by the God-Emperor, and so let his hands, pick the page for him. Before beginning the sermon he asked one, yet simple, or perhaps complicated thing of the pilgrims.

      "Dear pilgrims who are blessed to be in the presence of His divine book, I must ask you by holy decree to come to the altar now to confess your sins and short-comings before His Grace. Those who are found wanting shall be taken elsewhere within this holy cathedral to find redemption, and those who are found pure shall go about their tasks aboard this vessel blessed by the Almighty's word. But none of that before we finish this sermon so that you will take heart to His words."

      *Orlovio could tell the zeal on the faces of the pilgrims, he saw a few leave their seats, and move up to the altar, one man, wretched and filthy in apperance, came to the altar, ready to confess his sins.

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    • The faithful fell on his knees before the priest and cried.

      "Emperor forgive me! forth I have sinned against Him! My faith is weak! I cannot hold of the vile thoughts..." - he truned his head towards the ground and spoke slower in a whisper. "Thoughts of seduction and lust that I have for others... every moment I have prayed for the Emperor! But my faith fades away! I don't know if he can hear me..."

      The man then put his head on his hands that were on the ground, as a sign of repentance...

      Meanwhile, in the Captain's chamber...

      The psykers left the chamber and Ardan closed the door behind him, leaving the bodyguards to tend themselves.

      Ardan sat before Sefarius comfortably, Ardan's lively mood turned cold, if not grim... the Xenographer had his fastner opened on his jacket, the jacket revealed an amulet that was hanging on Ardan's neck. It was a rosarius, who took the form of a letter I, and a skull could be seen in the center of the letter, it was the infamous symbol of the Holy Ordos... the Inquisiton...

      Ardan's words beared a strict formality towards Sefarius...

      "My presence on this ship is of great importence to the Imperium, you wouldn't think that the Imperial Guards would simply let you loose in the unknown space? 

      Ardan gave a small smile.

      "Those are the words you should remember, Trader. My real name matters not. What is important is that you stay true to the Emperor and his Imperium.

      The agent then leaned forward.

      "Now, tell me, what is the course of this ship?"

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    • Sefarius let out a long sigh... before chugging the amasec down straight from the bottle.

      An inquisitor... his gut was right to have been suspicious...

      Was he fated to have direct dealings with these people for his entire life?

      But he digressed... if he had learned anything from the previous three, most inquisitors don't like waiting...

      "We are now changing course to the witch world, Seeing as our route to the Temple was just blocked by a warpstorm..."

      Taking one last swig of the drink, he set it down on the table, empty...

      "So... Inquisitor... if don't mind me asking, which ordo are you from? Xeno? Hereticus?"

      His eyes narrowed somewhat...


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    • The Inquisitor look was scorn.

      "If I were to tell you that I purge xenos scum and burn potential heretics, like yourself, who may have some dark dealings with the vile xenos, would that satisfy your curiosity, Captain?"

      Ardan had his leg swiched and looked upon the great crystel window, the Inquisitor rethought his thoughts.

      "I am Inquisitor Cetus Balistarge of the Ordo Xenos. Don't let my appearance misguide you, Captain. I will execute you or any other member of your crew for any signs of treachery or heresy..."

      Cetus had his eyes looking on the ground, as if he was thinking of something...

      "Now, about my identity. Currently, you are the only man on this ship who knows who I am. I would be pleased if that secret would stay that way. This will be your first test for loyalty. Do you have anything to add, Captain?"

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    • *Missionary Draskav looked down at the man intently, he put his hand over the man's head and said:

      "God-Emperor be with you, dear pilgrim, please now go to that room over there and wait and pray *Orlovio pointed toward a small room in the left side of the Cathedral* Once I have finished this sermon, I shall pray with you and your sins before His Grace shall be absolved."

      *Orlovio then gestured toward the next pilgrim, a filthy and scantly clad woman, Orlovio could tell that she was a harlott before coming to the ship.

      "Come up to this altar, potential sinner, and confess thy sins before His Divinity and Love!"

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    • Sefarius looked hadn't changed.

      "While I can't say that no one else may find out, I will say it won't be through me. One more thing..."

      Sefarius leaned back a bit, his eyes still fixed on the inquisitor. 

      "I would like to know why your actually on my ship. Having met a few of you, I'm certain that you people have better things to do than to 'just' keep an eye on me, and I don't like being in the dark, especially now."

      He didn't expect an answer from the inquisitor, but he made it a point to always ask. After all, it worked once before... sort of...  

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    • The sinner approahced the altar slowly.

      "Emperor! Deliver me! For there is no purity left in me..." - said the harlot while tears were runing on her face. "I forsake Him when I threw my lot with recidivists and heretics... mybody is damned, but can you still save my soul?" -  said the piligrim with an innocent face, while she looked like she was looking for a salvation.

      Meanwhile, in the Captain's chamber....

      "You are correct, Lord Vorst. Watching over you is only part of my duty. There is a greater mission for me. All I can say is that I'm сurently in pursuit of a specific heretic, whose actions have led to tha fall of an entire hive-city. My acolytes have discovered the whereabouts of this personna, his base of operations is located within the Rifts of Hecaton, on One-Thirty-Nine".

      Cetus took out a piece of paper, it looked like it was part of a bigger stellar-map.

      "There, - Cetus pointed on an unamed planet. "My Throne Agents informed me that the planet lies between Arpholiun VII and Seruce VIII. The beast makes it lair there..." Cetus looked at the Trader with his cold eyes. "And you will help me find this planet, Lord Vorst, otherwise... well... I assume that you do understand what will happen should you fail me on this task..."

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    • Suddenly, Vorst Vox transmissioner buzzed once again. This Time, it was Ramius who seek an audience with the Rogue Trader.

      Ramius had finished his inventory check of the Gambit's weapons and supplies and wanted to let his new captain or lord informed on the situation. So he made his way to Vorst's chamber and told the guards outside his intention and waited patiently.

      Ramius observed the two guards suspiciously as he noticed their hands are in a guarding position while clutching the dataslate with the inventory information with his left arm.

      "Strange, these two seems like they just had been in a fight." "But who cares, its their job afterall."

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    • The door to the Captain Chamber could be opened only by the Captain's bodyguards from the outside, and by the Lord Vorst himself from the inside.

      The electric key that one of the bodyguards was entrusted with was in someone else possession. Though it would usually be seen hanging on the bodyguard's neck.

      The two bodyguards were a muscled soldiers, who possessed wide shoulders and some scars from their previous battlefields. Now they stood wounded with colorful marks on their faces, less straight, still trying to hold on to their honor.

      The guard on the left told Ramius that their Lord was currently in a private meeting with a spesific induvidiual. The other one was trying to spell some curses towards the personna that they had previously met, yet he only babbled some inaccurate sentences, he tried not to sound rude in front of the Lieutenant, trying to control his innner rage.

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    • *Orlovio watch the woman as she slumped to the ground weeping, he bid her rise and then told her:

      "Fear not, the God-Emperor is merciful and loving, and will forgive your soul after a special prayer, go now to join the other sinner in that room over there in silent contemplation, and wait for the God-Emperor's benediction which I will grant to thee after this sermon."

      *The missionary watched as the woman strode over to the room, trying to mask the emotions on his face with a different set of emotions". He saw a familar face approach the altar, whom must have been one of the crew...

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    • Sefarius looked at the map, if only as an excuse to hide his eyes. 

      ...Another Heretic hunt...

      Memories of one particular campagin came back vividly...

      ...He could feel their eyes, surprise and alarm in both...

      ...The man, neatly trimed hair, a small stuble forming below, his hand uncertain on his stub pistol...

      ...The other one... smooth... nimble, a large yellow gun leveled, and a something resembling a Y in her forehead in the grey blue skin...

      ...He could hear his men laughing auidbly back at the camp, one asks where the sarge was...

      He shook himself mentally... and looked back at the inquisitor...

      "Then I suppose our projected path will stop at Seruce VIII and we will suddenly have need to go to Arpholiun VII... Now then, I believe its time for you to get back to work Ardan... after all, I do have someone waiting."

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    • As Fetrina moved through the endless halls, her mood grew ever sour. She would never admit it... but she had gotten lost... again...

      A frequent problem she had since birth was her complete lack of direction on the physical plain... a fact known only to three people in the universe.

      So had gotten so lost that, instead of her chamber, she found herself getting closer to some incesant chanting... only to find herself walking into the Cathedral.

      Perhapes she could ask, no, order one of the crew to escort her back to her chamber when this 'session' was over.

      She watched the harlot cry, and scowled.

      These people knew nothing of true heresy, what gave them the right to just have their problems whisked away by the emperor when her own...

      Her hands slowly ball into fists and her scowl ever deeper...

      ...Her own...

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    • Achilieus stopped his approach to the Altar and began staring blindly at the Missionary before turing to look at the Navigator, his visageless mask covered his gaze but it was obvious to anyone truly paying attention to the Astropath that he was staring. He turned to look at the Missionary and his kind-looking face before slowly approaching the angry looking Navigator, he had other moments where he could confess his borne sins but this was something that had to be taken now. It took some time to approach her, as his gimp and the crowd left him to walk a slow pace. Once he approached the Navigator he cocked his head to the side in an attempt to make himself appear smaller, he grasped his staff tightly as her anger was clearly evident and he had no desire for her to turn her anger upon him. 

      "Miss Harnar, it is... nice to see you."

      The Astropath's voice was awkward and he was staring off to the side to avoid pointless eye contact.

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    • As Cantac moved trough the halls he stops for a moment as one of the crewmans runs past him.

      "On a second tought maybe i should not disturb Lord Sefarius right now."

      He then turns around and starts walking in the other direction.

      After a few minutes of walking he arrives at the Cathedral.

      Looking around he sees few familiar faces and one he has not seen until now.

      "Hmm who might that be... Judging by her apperence she is probably our Navigator. I should introduce myself."

      He then walks up to Fetrina, and firstly greets Achilieus with a slight nod of his head before turning his eyes to Fetrina.

      "Pardon me Miss i think i did not introduce myself. Im Morris Cantac ships Seneschal, stweard, trader, and so on." he says with a little smile on his face.

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    • *Orlovio looked uncertainly at the Astropath, watching him walk away from the altar with a confused face. The missionary couldn't help but notice a meeting among familar crew members taking place at the doors of his Cathedral, did these fools forget that this is a place of worship and not conversation? He wondered to himself. He continued to look scornfully at those conversing at the time. But then decided to continue the sermon and finish so he can prepare for warp travel.*

      "Praise the God- Emperor, only two sinners willing to confess? Perhaps this means the rest of us are blessed and pure, let us devote ourselves To His Divine Grace's teachings with a sermon."

      *Orlovio Draskav turned to a bookmarked page within the Lectio Divinitatus, and gestured to the pilgrims to listen to his words, he began with:

      "And lo, pilgrims, this holy page speaks of the perils of the faithful as they prepared to travel through the abyss, about how they held faith against the madness..." *Orlovio continued to recite from the page, ending with:*

      "Remember, my fellow believers, the tenets of the Divine Imperial Creed as we spread His light to the heathen worlds of the Expanse. That the God-Emperor of Mankind once walked among men in their form and that He is and always has been the one, true God of humanity. That the God-Emperor of Mankind is the one true God of Mankind. It is the duty of the faithful to purge the Heretic, beware the psyker and mutant and abhor the alien! Every human being has a place within the God-Emperor's divine order!"

      *With this said, Orlovio concluded the sermon to be over and gestured the pilgrims to rise and to leave.*

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    • The Inquisitor smiled.

      "Very well, Captain." - Cetus stood up. "As I have said before, I ought you to be discreet, lest some disastor were to happen to these loyal members of your crew...". - Cetus took the piece of the map, put it and his rosarius inside the jacket, and closed the fastner.

      As he walked away, his smile faded, and only the cold expression was left on his face. The door opened, and the undercover Inquisitor stepped through it. None of the bodyguards dared to look at him, they wanted to beat him to death, but their oppertunity to fight back was long gone, this brawl would just attract the unneeded attention of their Lord.

      "My apologizes". - said the undervocer Inquisitor with his inconvenient words, and put the electric key card into the chest pocket of the bodyguard on the right. The bodyguard didn't repliy.

      "Officer Ramius"! - Said Cetus as he noticed Ramius with a charming attitude, as if he was welcoming a guest. " I can see that your unwavering stand and that determined look in those eyes is all what a true loyal Navy officer needs, isn't it? - Cetus gave a wide smile and allowed himself to giggle a little bit. Without waiting for the officer's answer, Cetus took his leaving and made it back to his office.

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    • It took a while for Fetrina to realize she had been noticed. She calmed herself down, burying her memories deeply in her mind, regained her composure, before looking at achilieus. While she had contempt for the frail man, sefarius had 'politely' asked to make some effort in getting to know at least a few crewmembers. And besides, perhapes the astropath could discern Sefarius's reasons...

      But before she could reply however, Cantac decided to step in.

      In a blink, her fury was back, squarely centered on the man, her eyes like daggers. Who did he think he was!?! Couldn't he see she was about to talk to someone!

      All this as the warp spawned preacher went on and on with his stupid sermon. Her anger was reaching its peak, her eye twiched like crazy... If their was one more interuption...

      and then the sermon ended, and a flood of people began moving to the door...

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    • Achilieus looked at Cantac than back at Miss Harnar, he didn't need to be a Psyker to see her rage with how much clarity she showed. He reached out with his shaking hand but quickly pulled it back onto his staff, no touching her would likely make her angerier and his mother always taught him to never lay a hand on a woman unless you mean her harm or she gave you permission. Since he desired no harm, and she gave no permission, he would keep his hands away. He considered the possiblity of speaking up, but Lord Cantac's interuppion appeared to be the trigger of her anger. Since he just clearly said they hadn't met before, it was clear it wasn't Cantac himself that was the trigger simply his interupption was the trigger. He looked at Cantac and slowly reached out with his mind, he poked and prodded attempting to make telepathic communication with him. At such a close range it was easily connected, he turned his gaze back onto Miss Harnar. 

      "Lord Cantac it is I Achilieus, it appears your untimely arrival has angered our Navigator. Be warned that the Fabled Navigators possess powers of extreme destruction, chose your next actions very carefully and please follow me."

      Unlike the Astropath's voice which shook and quivered with anxiety, the mental voice he projected came with clarity and had a peculiar way of "pronouncing" wards that Achilieus himself prounced differently. Achilieus waved his arms to the side while gently grasping Cantac's bicep before slowly moving out of the way of the Pilgrims.

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    • As Achilieus reachs Cantac telepathicly he twitches with his eyes a little in a suprise but calmly listens to him.

      As he finished Cantac turns his gaze to Achilieus  and bows his head as sing of thanks before turning his head back to Harnar.

      As he lowers his head a bit down he starts speaking.

      "My deepest apologise Miss Navigator, i should have not interupted you like that. Again i apologise."

      He says that with a more serious face with a faint smile.

      "Now excuse me it looks like our Astropath wants me to follow him."

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    • The Astropath nods and waves for Miss Harner to follow them with his staff before speaking up."Miss Harnar, if you would follow I believe I can find us an appropriate spot to talk where we won't be interuppted anymore." He begins shuffling off still grasping Lord Cantac's bicep, he wonders how well this will go and he has hope that he can perhaps persuade the two of them to join him for conversation so this may not occur again.

      Achilieus moves off to the side of the door, waiting for the Pilgrims to pass.

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    • One of the piligrim left the cathedral, he left his group and headed towards a certain location. He made it to the chamber, he knocked four times slowly and the doors were opened. The piligrim entered the chamber, as the servitor was slowly opening the door, when the piligrim was in, the servitor proceeded with slaming the door.

      The piligrim shockingly turned around, and then turned backwards. A shadowy figure was sitting in front of him, the chair's back was toward the piligrim, the faithful made a few steps before stoping...

      A phyrr cat was laying next to the figure, it raised it head and snorted at the faithful. A purple flame was coming out of the cat's eyes, as if they were on fire. The piligrim would not make anymore step.

      "Report"... - said the shadowy figure with a voice a little bit louder than a whisper...

      The faithful fell on one knee and put his fist on the ground, while bowing his head towards the figure.

      "The Navigator had almost lost his control, my Lord. The cathedral would become a charnel house if it was not for the actions of the Astropath, everything went in order... my Lord... 

      There was a brief pause between the two.

      "The three retinues are also planning on exiting the cathedral and taking their matters somewhere else, my Lord. I will not be able to follow them there...

      "Agree" - commented the shadowy figure. "You should stay out of their sight, but remember to keep an eye on the third-eye mutant! She seems less tameable..."

      "Of course, my Lord!"

      "Leave me..." - said the shadowy figure, as if power could be heard inside his voice.

      "As you wish, my Lord"

      The faithful roes and headed to the exit, the servitor opened the door and the servant left. He then walked all the way back to the quarters of the piligrims...

      Meanwhile, the two sinners who were awaiting their judgment at the repentance rooms were going through their thoughts. Their faces showed some signs of determination, as if they were witnesses of some grand vision to come, and they were the only ones who held the keys towards the passage of that Divinty. They were destined to spread the lost light to the people of this ship, and they will stop at nothing...

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    • Missionary Draskav decided to go deal with the sinners quickly before talking to the retinue, he could tell the Navigator was foolishly angry, and decided it best to wait for her to go. He strode over to the repentance chamber, and upon entering he saw the sinners' eyes hold some manner of excitement, Orlovio simply thought to himself "they must be happy to recieve the God-Emperor's forgiveness". He then said to the sinners.

      "And lo sinners, thy time has come to confess fully and repent, do you perhaps have any final words of confession?"

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    • When Ardan, the xenographer mentioned the faithful navy officer remark, Ramius eyed him suspiciously before dismissing the fact that all xenographers are interested in xeno scums and that remark was probaly just a friendly gesture.

      Ramius then entered Lord Vorst Chambers to hand the report on weapons and supplies.

      Ramius stood before the Rogue trader and bowed a bit before starting on his report:

      "My lord, all weapons systems on board the Gambit is at full operational status, got to thank the Adeptus Mechanicus for doing such a fine job. Also, all weapons supplies from our main weapons systems to the smallest stub guns, parts and ammunitions are enough to last us for up to a year at the least. IF we were to be engaged in any extended battle against the xenos and whatever dangers out there in the void, the supplies would last at best, 6 to 8 months."

      "As for our food supplies, I did not take inventory as it should be Seneschal Cantac's duty. However, I have all faith that our essential supplies are at full capacity and prepared for a long journey ahead of us."

      Ramius finished his report and waited on Lord Vorst for his reply.

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    • At the mention of her family name, harnar came to her senses. Calming down considerably, she also moved to the side to the peasents to pass.

      She chastised herself internally... she had promised to not let her anger cause anymore incidents, and ecven if it was to a boar of a man, she always kept her promise.

      She decieded she would follow the astropath when it quieted down... she would decide on what to do then...

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    • Sefarius had taken another bottle of amasec from under his desk, and had already emptied half the bottle. Vorst never got drunk easily, and his time in the guard only reinforced his gut. While he generaly didn't like being drunk, this was one of the few times in his life that he wanted to be.

      Another bloody inquisitor was going to use him and his men on some incredibly dangerous task... and he would be forced to let it happen... again.

      His mind still lingered on his memories, specifically, the xeno-humper and his girl, who he later found out was tau, an experience that earned him a long scar from a kroot.

      ...All three of them were as still as rocks... and it didn't help that his junk was still out, he could still feel the breeze. wasn't long before the question came around again, and then a third time. If something didn't happen, his men would find him, and the... lovers... probably...

      ...He took one last look at the two before suddenly zipping up, turning around, walking back, and calling out "I'm right here you idiots! I was just taking a break from all your yelling!"...

      ... looking back, he could see the disbelief in their eyes, before turning again to duck under a branch, only to see them gone the second he looked back...

      ...Three days later, their was some huge report about a small fish like craft blowing through the blockade of SDF ships that had been hastily organized. He remembered seeing the inquisitor red as a beat as he took to his own ship, attempting to follow them...

      He shook himself again. He really needed to stop slipping into his memories, especially with another headache on board.

      Looking back to Ramius, he noticed something he  had either forgot, or didn't think was his duty...

      "What about our attack craft?" He looked straight a Ramius, a questioning look on his face.

      One thing he had made sure of was the installation of the hanger bays, as having been in void combat himself, he saw it as a necessity.

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    • "About that, my lord, we are having difficulties bringing them to full operational status due to our men ability at machines. However, I would like to recommend that Techpriest Matthias have a look at the Attack Crafts before we commence warp jump, my lord." 

      "Weapons and part supplies for the attack crafts and any other void capable vessels are at full capacity. We have enough for any extended battles with the xeno scums, my lord."

      Ramius was unprepared for the attack crafts question, luckily he had a quick look through before coming here. He mused in his mind:

      "Damn, gotta make sure to take every aspect of this ship into account. But by the Emperor, an Overlord Battlecruiser, this is going to be awesome."

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    • Sefarius looked a little displeased...

      "You don't need my permission to have our fighters and bombers fixed. I would ask why you didn't get matthias on this the moment you found issues... but I'll be lenient... this time. Get matthias and have him do whatever he needs to get our attack craft in shape."

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    • While the inhabitants of the Gambit were proceeding with their every-day life, something unthinkable happend. All of the sudden, half of the ship's power went off. The inhabitants of the back sections of the ship have suddenly fell in fear, as if the light of God-Emperor has left them. Anarchy and terror consumed the slave-workers, piligrims, soldiers and countless more less-fortunate souls who found themselves in the clutches of the darkness.

      The front sections of the ship was more stable. Though it did fall into the darkness as well, it power was back on with the help of the Sub-Generatorium. Everyone were motionless for a few seconds, then the panic began.

      The vox-transceiver of the Captain's chamber was turned on, a fearfull voice could be heard from the device.

      "My Lord! Are you well?! If you can hear me, then please, by the Emperor's grace! Head to the Ship's Command Bridge now! We have an unfortunate news! May the Emperor help us! -  the communication was cut off.

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    • Ramius steadied himself when the blackout happened. He had experienced this type of situation before when he was with the Imperial Navy but he sensed that this time, it was far more different than those in his experience. He calmly took out his vox relay transmitter device(aka a walkie talkie) and relayed precise instructions and orders to all Sergeant-at-Arms to have every security teams on standby and alert.

      Ramius turned his gaze towards Sefarius and said:

      "My Lord, all security teams are on standby." "I shall return to my quarters to grab my gear."

      Ramius didn't wait for Sefarius for acknowledgement as he knew they could communicate via vox transmission. Ramius then exits the Captain chamber, passing the two bodyguards heading towards his own chambers which was just a few steps away. Ramius was on alert mode and he made sure to not be caught by any surprises on his way. 

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    • Sefarius was already out the door and down the hall when the lights had come on. His Hell pistol was in his left hand, primed and ready, while his right firmly grasped the hilt of his chainsword, ready to pull it out of its holster at a moments notice. He knew from expeirence that having a weapon ready was usually the difference between life and death, a lesson a good few men of his had learned the hard way...

      ...We've barely left port and in the first few hours I find an inquisitor aboard my ship, our attack craft aren't up to snuff, and now this...  at worst its daemons... maybe... 

      He shook his head again, clearing it of the horrible memories trying to surface.

      ...No time for that... perhapes its not as bad... or its probably worse...

      Stopping, he shuddered for second. He then looked down towards his chainsword...

      Hope for the best...

      He finally pulled out the chainsword, its teeth begining to slowly move...

      Plan for the worst...

      He got moving again, heading for the command bridge at a quicked pace.

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    • As the lights went on Cantac quickly turned to his group

      "What was that? Something foul is amidst, we need to move now, i think its best for us to head for the Command Bridge, we'll be able to better plan our actions from there."

      He turned around as mass of pilgrims workers and soldiers were walking and running down around them Cantac turned to his gaze to Achilieus and Harnar.

      "I dont want to sound bossy or like i can order you around but i think it would be wisest if we somehow found a way to calm all these pilgrims and others panicking. This panic and fear will do us no good. And i presume that Lord Ramius is already in motion with securing the ship."

      He said all that with a calm tone, cause he had some experience with this in the past.

      Thinking to himself...

      "What could have caused this? At worst we are invaded by deamons and at the best its just a malfunction. But i don't think that's the case, this is no malfunction.

      I should gear up soon, who knows what kind of situation could happen."

      Gripping his staff  one his hands and lowering the other on his pistol he waited for other to say anything.

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    • *The missionary had taken note of the power-outage, his Cathedral did not use many lights, but he took immediate notice of the panic outside of the Cathedral, he decided to go report to the Captain of the Vessel, he gave the sinners a sharp glance, and said:

      "It looks like I will not be able to pray for you, sinners, for madness has engulfed the ship, you are in the God-Emperor's hands now."

      With that proclaimation, Orlovio rushed quickly out of the starlit Cathedral and into the dark hallways, he lit a torch he had in his backpack and made through the frantic to the command bridge. He wondered if the God-Emperor was now punishing the faithless crew for their lack of devotion, this thought made Orlovio smile only a tad bit.

      He saw the two psykers and Achilleus walking quickly to the command bridge as well, he hardly trusted psykers, and wondered if their sorcery played a part in angering the God-Emperor or knocking out the power.

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    • Achilleus was not at all shocked or frightened by the lights going off, he lived in perpetual darkness for the majority of his childhood and even now was he guided simply by his own psychic power. He turned his blind gaze onto Miss Harnar and Cantac. He speaks up and offers his arm to Miss Harnar to grasp, and offering the other one to Lord Cantac.

      "Without any light it would be hard to navigate in a pitch black ship, however I believe I can guide us properly to an area with proper lighting. If you are uncomfortable with touching me, you may grasp the back of my cloak."

      The Blind Seer waits patentially for their replies, standing motionless while staring off into the blackness of the hallway. The Void was creeping in, he could feel it. The first darkness that sought to consume all, and he awaited it patiently to return. What was a few more minutes when he had already waited years. 

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    • This time I will write down the events in the italic formation:

      Most of the fearfull piligrims remained in the Cathedral, hoping that the holy presence of this place will protect them. Once there was no space left in the Cathedral, the others cowered around the entrance to the Cathedral and throught the corridors that were circling the Cathedral, praying to the God-Emperor to deliver them from the surrounding darkness.

      The lights in the central section of the ship ​( the section of the ship in which the Cathedral is) were mostly off, though those corridors that surrounding the Cathedral were surprisingly still working, somehow... the lights of course were flickering, yet they were still useful for founding the way around the ship...

      The two sinners left the repentance chamber and walked freely through the piligrims. Slowly, they wondered through the mob, thier faces were showing the signs of insperation, they were amazed by this great turn of event. The kept walking slowly towards their unknown location.

      Lord Sefarius was walking fast towards the Command Bridge, his bodygaurds were following behind him. Though the lights shinned bright on the hall in which the ship's Captain was walking, his guards were ever vigilant for surprises or any other sign of danger.

      Eventually, Sefarius made it to the lift that was connected to the Bridge, the only path that led to the ship's bridge. He was greated by a squad of armsmen. They were quick to respond, but quicker to recognize thier Lord. The armsmen informed Lord Sefarius about the order they were given - they were to protect and watch over the lifts that led to the Command Bridge, by the order of their Sergeant-at-arms. Sefarius noded, walked thorugh the guards and pushed the button and of the lift awaited for the lift to arrive...

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    • *Orlovio felt a bit resentful that he had simply left the pilgrims behind in the Cathedral, yet he knew the God-Emperor was watching over them, and that as a high-ranking member on the ship, he had to report at once to the Rogue Trader. He continued quicker now toward the Command bridge, on the way there he noticed the ship was loosing heating as well..."

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    • Fetrina took Achilleus's hand, both as an apology for her, that she would never give voice to, and as the perfect excuse to not ask for directions. Keeping her face neutral, if they could even see it...

      "It would seem that I require escort to the Navigator Station." She said allowed.

      As for a reason...

      "While the bridge is certainly where you two may find answers, It is not where I must be. Especially if their are daemons. That being said, a lone navigator roaming these halls would make for the perfect target of a daemon, wouldn't you agree?"

      She looked expectantly at Cantac and Achileus... before yelling...

      "WELL! What are you two waiting for? Escort me."

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    • Achilleus turned towards Lord Cantac and slowly drifted his hand back towards his body but kept it open at his side.

      "Lord Cantac, if you so desire you may join me in escorting Miss Harnar to her station or you may go ahead to the bridge yourself. Follow, or go your seperate path. The choice is yours." 

      The astropath began walking away, guiding Miss Harnar in the dark as if he had perfect vision. He wondered though, were their paths really all that seperate or did they simply diverage for just one moment. He didn't know Cantac well, but if he was a man of duty he would likely go off the bridge instead of escorting the Navigator to her station. He began walking off in the direction of the Station, a location he knew was close to the bridge but in a direction that required a seperate path. He turned to look at Miss Harnar and opened his mouth to ask her a question that he often pondered on.

      "Are you afraid of the dark Miss Harnar?"

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    • Fetrina pretended not to hear the question, although it may have been drowned out by her 'request', the anger beginning to seep back into her tone...

      "Cantac, oh I'm sorry, Lord Cantac, I believe when I asked for an escort I referred to both you and Achilleus. Do you intend to leave us undefended?"

      Which was complete grox dune, considering what she was capable of... but it never hurt to have a slab of meat in front of you...

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    • When the power was lost to the rear part of the ship Matthias was left in the dark. At first he thought it might have been a local failure, but after a several corridors of pitch blackness, he concluded it was far worse than that. "It seems the fluctuations I detected had nothing to do with the engines after all. How very strange." He stood thinking to himself as people pushed and shoved around him in the darkness, trying to find either each other or where their rooms were. He ignored the various shouts and screams, as he considered his next coarse of action.

      "Since the source of the fault is not yet clear, it would be best to seek out the Captain, since there is the possibility of exterior incursion. I had best seek out a hub which still has power to it, and see if I can trace his current location, and perhaps a clue as to the cause of the power loss." Motioning to his servitors to clear a path for him, Matthias began to move forwards, guided by his skull probe, amongst the throngs of terrified people. On more than one occasion, the servitor's had to deal with the nearby individuals, rather roughly.

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    • While waiting for the lift...

      ...The inquisitor!...

      He motioned for one of his guards to hand him one of their vox devices, tuning it to Ramius's channel...

      "Ramius if your reading me, I need you to find me Adran and send him to the bridge. Failing that, At least find him and keep him in radio contact with me. Vorst out"

      Sefarius finished just as the lift reached the floor. Shoving the device into his Coat, he and his guards boarded the lift...

      ...Here's hoping he's not the cause of this...

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    • *Orlovio Draskav had finally made it to the lift to the bridge and noticed the Captain of the vessel standing there, he walked over to the lift and while the Rogue Trader and his body guards were standing there, he asked:".

      "My lord, do you have any idea what has caused this power outage? God-Emperor preserve us! For this certainly was abrupt."

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    • As Ramius was strapping on his combat gear, the vox transmission from Sefarius came through but with a lot of static. He could only hear the words "Ramius......find Ardan......send.....bridge........find"

      Knowing its futile to try and reply his captain. Ramius instead switch his vox transmitter frequency to short range communication and hailed the nearest Sergeant-At-Arms for their locations. After receiving their immediate locations, Ramius head forward with his Laspistol drawn and ready in his right hand. First he would get a security team with him and then proceed to search for the Xenographer, wherever he may be on the Gambit.

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    • Cantac stood there silently for a moment thinking...

      "What should i do, leave them by themself and head to the bridge or escort them? If i leave them alone and possible intruders attack them they are done for in this dark. Even if they are psykers an ambush in this situation will surely be life-threatning. Argh what the heck, i'll escort them then make a run for the bridge." 

      He then quickly pulled out a flashlight and straped it on his shoulder as he started walking down. He grabbed Achilieuses hand as they moved.

      "I suggest we move as fast as we can, who know what could happen if we dwell longer here. We'll follow you Achilieus, but a little light can hurt us." he said as he turned his flashlight on.

      "Miss Harnar i suppouse you don't want to be alone and undefended so when we get to your chamber i'll send few guards to your chamber so they will stand vigil if anything comes your way."

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    • Matthias and his cyborg entourage continue to make their way through the crowded corridors. Finally, he emerged into a light area of the ship, and eventually found a basic terminal in a wall. A woman is frantically trying to get some kind of information from it, but it is clear to the Explorator that if she continues her 'efforts' the terminal could be made inoperable.

      "Remove yourself to another place," he commands. The woman shakes her head and continues to frantically work the system, muttering. "Very well then. Remove her." He nods to his servitors, which roughly drag her away from the terminal, leaving her screaming on the floor. "How very inefficient," Matthias thought, activating the terminal in the proper manner.

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    • The lift has finally reached the Command's bridge floor, the doors were opened and the two entered the bridge. A few officers overwhelmed their Lord with numerous issues that were cassed by the blackout, yet Sefarius ignored them and continued to walk towards the end of the bridge, where his Command Throne was at.

      Once on the Throne, Sefarius was greeted by the Tech-Priest Varen Kel, the Head of the Engineseers on the Gambit.

      "Greetings, Lord Vorst. I am sorry to deliver you this dreadful news, but it seems that one of the Generatoriums on this ship began to malfunction."

      "The Tetrarche's team, who was responsible for the fallen Generatorium was either slain to a last man or gone withouth trace. All we know is that they were not replying to our messages."

      Varen began counciling with his servants and then replied:

      "We also possess no data regarding the failure of the Generatorium, we belive that his malfunction was caused due to an ancinet age."

      Varen exhailed his breath heavily.

      "If the Generatorium will not be repaired, then the enginerium and the plasma drive of this ship shall falter as well."

      The Tech-Priest bowed down and took a few steps back...

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    • Sefarius sighed deeply...

      "So why aren't are security teams there now?"

      Did he have to babysit everyone on his vessel... speaking of...

      "Every system of this ship was either replaced or refitted... on a relativly new ship at that. So how is it that you all came to the conclusion that it was from aging tech?"

      Again he sighed... then he got up from the throne, moving back to the lift...

      "First, contact Ramius and have him send as many teams to meet me outside the failed generatorium, then contact Matthias and tell him to meet me there as well. Send out a ship wide broadcast about this and have everyone calm down and stay alert, their is no way I am chalking this up as just failing technology..."

      ...What would one gain except...

      "Jump to yellow alert!"

      He bellowed, turning back to the bridge staff.

      "I want several Attack squadruns in the void NOW. Prepare for a possible enemy attack..."

      ...If it is sabotage, then I don't want to take any chances, best keep the ship prepped...

      With that, he continues toward the lift...

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    • Varen and his colleagues ran to Sefarius and followed him.

      "My Lord, we have lost all the contact we had with the workers of the generatorium..."

      One of the tech-priest has whispered something to Varen, Varen replied quickly:

      "Excuse me, my Lord. But one of my colleagues has told me that he heard screamings and shots on the vox-transmissioner just before we lost the contact with the crew of the generatorium. It is very possible that the revolting mutants may be the cause for the failure of the generatoirum, or even a mutiny..."

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    • As Ramius was conversing with his fellow Sergeant-at-Arms over the restoring order instructions, a sergeant operating one of the many vox transmitter picked the following order from the command bridge and relayed it over to Ramius.

      Ramius mused as the order was relayed, due to much of the ships energy system failing, he has been unable to keep constant contact over the security teams responsible for the overseeing of the work gangs. Now the Captain wants to go to the generatorium and needs as many men as possible will surely place strains over the place.

      But orders are orders, Ramius detailed the security teams closes to the Generatorium to head there immediately and secure the entrance and await Lord Sefarius arrival. Once all instructions and orders to the others in restoring order among the enlisted crew and passengers are done, Ramius signalled two teams of Armsmen to follow him to search for the Xenographer.

      First, he will head to the Xenographer's chamber and if Ardan is not there, he will search along the area for the Xenographer.  

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    • "I highly doubt its a mutiny..."

      Morale had been rather high last he checked, as it was one of his priorties to keep the crew happy. Besides, Cantac, Ramius, or Orlovio would have informed of any unpleasent stirrings among the rank and file... 

      "And as for the mutants... what would the point be?"

      It wouldn't make any sense for any of the mutants to try and take the ship... first off their weren't many of them last he checked... that and all it would accomplish was a bullet for each of them... unless they were given a motive...

      The thought chilled his very bones as he reached the lift.

      "Until I personally give the all clear, ALL major areas of the ship are to have their bulkheads sealed immediately. If it is an armed force we are dealling with, I don't want them moving to anywhere else. And I still want our fighters out in the void, and scanning the hull all the while, I don't care if this may only be an internal issue..."

      He hit the button for the generatorium's level.

      "I'm not taking ANY chances..."

      As the lift began to decend, he put the combead he picked up in his ear, testing it to make sure it picked up the right frequencies, all the while thinking...

      ...Not counting my retiune... the only person that could give anyone a reason for this would be Cetus... or even worse...

      As his began to hear his orders being relayed throught the earpiece, his blood would turn cold at the very thought...

      ...A second inquisitor...

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    • Achilieus shuffled as fast as his crippled leg allowed him, his witch senses allowed him unparreled capabilities in the dark. How he adored the darkness, it's tight grip on the soul, and the coldness of non-existance seeping into your mind. He sighed in happiness at the blackness of his surroundings, not many people enjoyed the shadows of the void like he did. It's why he loved his role as an Astropath Transcendant, travelling through the Void and feeling the shadows of those long passed. He had a great distaste for Lord Cantac right now, he was shining the light every which way. The Blind Seer hated when the darkness was so... disrupted. Here was a perfect time to just enjoy the perpetual darkness, and than Lord Cantac just HAD to interupt it with his warp-blasted light source.  He kept shuffling along before stopping at the Station of the Navigator. He turned to look at Lord Cantac before speaking up.

      "I believe it's time to part ways with Miss Harnar, Lord Cantac"; He turns to look at Miss Harnar before speaking up; "Miss Harnar, do you require either myself or Lord Cantac to stay with you until guards arrive?"

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    • *Although the missionary had been silent for part of the meeting he raised his eyebrows at the mention of "mutants" he looked toward the Rogue Trader and said:

      "So we have mutants on board and sabotaging the ship? Remember, my lord, the Imperial Creed says to Kill the Mutant, we should send a team to deal with them. It might be dangerous but through faith and will it can be done. If nessesary, I will lead the team."

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    • Sefarius almost jumped in surprise. He hadn't realized Orlovio had even been there... but he regained his composure quickly.

      "there would have to be quite a few if they killed off the entire team responsible for the generatorium, so it won't be just one team."

      He continued to check his pistols, his old custom las pistol, and 'The Red Glare', the Hell pistol his old colonel left him...

      "If you want to come along, be my guest... While Great faith is a great shield, I would put a little of that faith in your chainsword and pistol."

      He said, still checking his own...

      "Afterall, Faith and will alone won't stop an angry mutant if he charges"

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    • "Forgive me but i don't have time to stay here, i need to contact Lord Vorst soon and deal with this situation. So i shall take my leave then." says Cantac and not waiting for their answers heads off into the darkness.

      "I'll send some guards here just in case." he says as he turns into one corridor disappering in darkness.

      As he walks trough the corridor his flashlight illuminating his way he picks up his Vox transmitter.

      "Where are you two now? Any new info about that Xenographer? Where is he right now? And do you know what caused this blackout?"

      After that he runs into on of the Sargeant at Arms and stops him.

      "You there... Get me in contact with Lord Vorst immediatly. And follow me we need to organise search teams qucikly and find the cause of this."

      As they started running down the corridor he tryed to solve what happend.

      "Hmm this is no ordinary blackout. Something happend to Generatorium. But what could have caused it... They were in perfect condition when we left the shipyard. So that could only mean two things, either we are invaded or someone did it from inside. Whatever is the cause it could help me in indirect way..."

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    • The Attack craft were swinging around the starship, patrolling the surrounding space, trying to spot an enemy ship.

      3 squads of armsmen have arrived to meet up with their lord. The sergeants saluted their lord and stood still. 2 of them did not possess enough guts to explain why their were no more soldiers to spare, only one sergeant by the name of Khaul Drasc had enough courage to speak.

      "Forgive me, my lord." - said Khaul with fear in his voice. "But these are the only men we were capable to muster. Everyone is out there, trying to control the masses of this ship."

      30 strong men stood before thier lord, awaiting his approval.

      Meanwhile, in the upper floor.

      "Lord Cantac, lord Vorst is already beneath us! He and 3 squads of armsmen are about to head into the area of the generatorium. Follow me! I will lead you to lord Vorst!

      Surprisengly, Cantac's servants have answered their's master call.

      " My lord? Are you alright? We were sure that you will never reply! By the Throne! You are alive!"

      After the first of them has replied, the second joined the talk.

      "My apologise, lord Cantac. But I believe that this line is unsecured. We shall await you at the Command Bridge." - the conversation ended there.

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