• Don't know if this has been mentioned before but in the section of the Astral Claws page for chapter colors, the article states that the Astral Claws were previously known as the Tiger Claws and proceeds to describe the colors of the former. According to the book Imperial Armour Volume Nine: The Badab War - Part One, the Tiger Claws were a successor chapter of the Astral Claws, as I don't see an option to edit the article I would like to see something done to fix this and list the proper colors of the Astral Claws chapter.

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    • It was before their background story was changed. Of course it then states in IA:V9 that the Tiger Claws are successors since they had then changed the background story. There is nothing to fix, since the Astral Claws were known as Tiger Claws before their change of fluff

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