• Hey V, after some consideration, please don't alter the dreadnought page, I'm happy with the way it is. However, please create a separate page for each Dreadnought variant; those are the pages that need your special touch. The main Dreadnought page will be treated as a portal page out to those subsidary pages you create. Thanks.

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    • As you wish, but for consistency's sake shall I at least add a good picture to the very beginning of the page, as every single other vehicle page uses art as its first picture. Also, the second picture on the page (Avenging Sons Dreadnought) is already in the page's gallery.

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    • Preview the picture for me; I'll decide then.

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    • I've picked 5 of the best Dreadnought pictures I could find, I believe that the page would benefit highly from at least some of these images being added, or at least using one of them for the first image, anyways here they are:

      First up is the beautiful image of Astral Claws Ancient Kleitor from the first Badab War book:


      Second is a Blood Angels Dreadnought from Index Astartes:


      Third is a badass Black Templars Dreadnought killing some Chaos fools:


      Fourth is some Ultramarines Dreadnoughts:


      And last but not least, the Dreadnought from the opening video from Dawn of War:

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    • Those are indeed very nice. I'll probably be using the first one.

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    • I will warn you though, the first one is actually a Venerable Dreadnought, so it'll be on the Venerable Dreadnought page as well. Also, I know you wanted the Dreadnought page left alone, but there are several Dreadnought variants that are missing: Venerable, Chaplian, Librarian, Death Company, and Deathwatch. Shall I add these in (in time) or do you want the honors?

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    • You can add them, just make sure the existing variants with their adjacent photos are not disturbed. We spent a lot of effort getting them right. Thanks.

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    • Ok, I'm glad you reminded me about the Dreadnoughts, I was already starting to dive into the Tau.

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    • Thanks for the pictures. They have been well-used.

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    • You're welcome.

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