The Thraxians are a chitin-covered, multi-armed xenos species that was annexed to the T'au Empire.

They were discovered by the Imperium of Man when they drifted into human territory for unknown reasons.

After being discovered by the T'au Air Caste, the Water Caste extended the Thraxians honourable greetings and an invitation to join the T'au Empire, offering them mutual protection, new trade opportunities and the exchange of technology.

Under the Ethereals' guidance, they were absorbed into the T'au commonwealth.

Canon Conflict

On page 10 of Codex: Tau Empire (6th Edition), the Thraxians are stated to have been annexed during the First Sphere Expansion, but on page 28 this event is dated to 896.M40, during the Second Sphere Expansion.

The idea of the annexation occurring during the First Sphere Expansion is maintained in Codex: Tau Empire (7th Edition), but again Codex: T'au Empire (8th Edition) repeats the same conflicted information as the6th Edition codex.


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