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Iconography of the Space Wolves Chapter

Thrar "Wyrmblade" Hraldir was a Wolf Priest of the Space Wolves Chapter during the 32nd Millennium. Hraldir was instrumental in the development of the genetic engineering program known as "The Tempering" -- the Space Wolves' effort to expunge the genetic deficiencies of their potent gene-seed in order to create new Successor Chapters. Hraldir came closer than any other since the Emperor Himself at understanding the nature of the Canis Helix. During the First Battle of The Fang, he confronted the Thousand Sons Daemon Primarch Magnus the Red and was slain. With his death, the secrets of the Space Wolves' gene-seed and how to remove the taint of the Curse of the Wulfen died with him.


  • Battle of the Fang (Novel) by Chris Wraight
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