A Thermal Cannon as seen from the right side

The Thermal Cannon is a large Melta Weapon carried by the combat walkers of the Imperial Knights and Chaos Knights. The Thermal Cannon strikes fear into even the mightiest of foes, for such a weapon is capable of immolating everything in a wide radius.

The hissing blasts from a Thermal Cannon can melt through a fortress wall or turn a battle tank into a pile of bubbling slag. Against infantry, entire hordes can be reduced to smouldering ruin.

There is no armour that offers any proof against the Thermal Cannon's super-heated shots, which become even more effective at close range. The Thermal Cannon is the main weapon of the Knight Errant and a secondary weapon for the Knight Crusader.


Due to the sheer diversity of Knight Worlds and Forge Worlds in the Imperium there exist a multitude of minor variants of the Thermal Cannon, each different from the last in a number of distinct ways. The known variants include:

  • Standard Thermal Cannon - The most common type of Thermal Cannon, this variant features two barrels and is similar in appearance to that of a Multi-Melta or a Flamestorm Cannon.
  • Inverted Thermal Cannon - An uncommon variant, this pattern features two barrels like the standard version, but in a side-by-side configuration.
  • Snub-barrelled Thermal Cannon - This uncommon variant features a single short barrel.
  • Single-barrelled Thermal Cannon - This uncommon variant features a single barrel that is similar in appearance to that of an oversized Meltagun.


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