The Phoenician is a short story published in the Horus Heresy Series. The Phoenician was originally published as part of the limited-release anthology novel The Imperial Truth, and it was later released as a stand-alone e-book. It is now also included in the War Without End anthology novel.


On the black sands of Isstvan V, Gabriel Santar is dying. Struck down by his former Battle-Brother, Julius Kaesoron of the Emperor's Children, he watches helplessly as his father Ferrus Manus is murdered by the thrice-damned Traitor Fulgrim. But Santar's fading sight reveals far more about the supposedly perfect Phoenician Primarch than anyone could have guessed -- is it too late for this revelation to have any value to the Iron Hands Legion?


  • The Phoenician (Short Story) by Nick Kyme
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