The Lightning Tower is the second short story published in the The Horus Heresy series. The Lightning Tower was first published in 2007 for exclusive release at Games Day UK as part of the Horus Heresy Chapbook anthology book along with the short story The Dark King. It was later released as an audio drama (MP3) with The Dark King and again by itself enhanced audio edition e-book. The Lightning Tower was later included in the Shadows of Treachery anthology novel. Cover photo taken from Enhanced Audio Edition E-book.


Rogal Dorn, Primarch of the Imperial Fists Legion, faces a stark reality. He must tear down the magnificence of the Emperor's Palace, a shining beacon in a galaxy of darkness, and turn it into a fortress. With the army of the Traitor Horus drawing ever closer, as he blights the Palace with gunports and defence towers, Dorn must face a difficult question: "What are you afraid of?"


  • The Lightning Tower by Graham McNeill
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