The Last Remembrancer is a short story published in The Horus Heresy series that was originally part of an anthology. The Last Remembrancer was first published as part of the Age of Darkness main series anthology in May 2011. The cover image used is that of the e-book version The Last Remembrancer which was released alongside the original anthology.


In a secret fortress on the dark side of Titan, Rogal Dorn and Iacton Qruze meet with a prisoner. That prisoner has a tale to tell, of heroes and monsters, of honour and treachery, of life and death. He has stood at the side of the Warmaster himself, and he has a message for the Imperial Fists Primarch. But can he be trusted? And can he be allowed to live? Rogal Dorn must decide the fate of the last Remembrancer.


  • The Last Remembrancer (Short Story) by John French
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