The Imperial Truth is an anthology and the first limited release volume in The Horus Heresy series of novels, released as a Horus Heresy Weekender Exclusive in hardback format. The novel has since been released as an e-book collection.


The Emperor decreed long ago that there were no gods upon the Earth or in the sky, and that all of Mankind's belief and aspirations should be poured into His vision for the galaxy instead. Upon such unshakable foundations was the Imperium to be built -- except that the Imperial Truth was a lie, and the powers that the Emperor denied had already sunken their claws into many of His sons. With the treachery of Horus now known from the Eastern Fringe to Holy Terra itself, how many more of His father's words will be proven false in the days to come?


The Imperial Truth contains the following:


  • The Imperial Truth (Anthology) edited by Laurie Goulding
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