The Harvest are a Khorne Daemonkin warband that has a predilection for casting themselves as defenders of mighty strongholds in the most bloodthirsty fashion imaginable.

Warband History

The Harvest warband's origins are largely a mystery. They are famous for their preference for siege warfare, often choosing to act as the defending force. Desperately eager for battle, the Harvest have little patience for building fortifications. Instead, they target a world that lies in the path of a vast, onrushing threat such as an Ork WAAAGH! or Tyranid splinter fleet, and using the element of surprise, quickly massacre the defenders of a stronghold. Reconsecrating their stolen strongholds with the blood of the slain, the Harvest man the battlements of their newly captured fortress and wait for the full fury of the impending foe to break upon them like a glorious, terrible storm.

Notable Campaigns

  • The Threat Within (946.M41) - The Harvest erupt from blood-portals within the fortress-monastery of the Black Ravens Space Marines Chapter. Days of fierce fighting follow, during which the Harvest kill every last Loyalist within the monastery’s walls and use its defence lasers to blast apart the Ravens' orbital shipyards. Bloodied and exalting, the Daemonkin drop the fortress' void shields and prepare for the true battle as a tendril of Hive Fleet Behemoth fills the skies.
  • Visions of Blood (999.M41) - Warmaster Abaddon's 13th Black Crusade bursts from the Eye of Terror and falls upon the Cadian Gate. At the same moment, all across the galaxy, Khorne's Daemonkin are stricken by bloody visions of carnage on a scale none have seen before. Compelled by their wrathful god, the Daemonkin turn as one and begin to carve a path toward the Cadian Gate. It seems likely that, while there is blood still to spill, neither side will be safe in the war to come.

Warband Appearence

Warband Colours

The Harvest wear dark red power armour with a bone white trim and bone white helmet.

Warband Badge

The Harvest's badge is a bone white Mark of Khorne with a trio of trident like arrows descending from its underside on a field of dark red.


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