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The Annointed

One of the elite Anointed warriors of the Word Bearers Traitor Legion

The Anointed are the most favoured Heretic Astartes warriors within the Word Bearers Traitor Legion and represent the members of an elite cult within the broader Legion.

The Anointed wear fully enclosed, ancient suits of Terminator Armour and serve as Chaos Terminators on the battlefield. Each suit is a relic of unholy significance, as to don this armour is considered a great religious honour amongst those who serve the Ruinous Powers.

Once a warrior-brother has entered the ranks of The Anointed, he is a member for life, and with lifespans extended indefinitely through a combination of their Astartes conditioning, bio-enhancement and the warping power of the Chaos Gods, the Anointed are only replaced on the rare occasion that one of their number falls in battle.

Many of them had fought alongside older members of the XVIIth Legion and their holy Daemon Primarch Lorgar at the great siege of the Imperial Palace during the closing days of the Horus Heresy at the Siege of Terra.

Unsurpassed warriors with the hearts of true fanatics in the service of the Dark Gods, the cult of The Anointed had won countless battles for the Legion. Their glories were sung in the flesh-halls within the shadowed temples of Sicarus, and their deeds recounted in the grimoire historicals housed in the finest scriptorums of Ghalmek.

Additionally, a Word Bearers host often possesses an Icon Bearer and an elite unit of The Anointed, consisting of over 200 Chaos Terminators.

It is also common for Anointed warriors to accompany important figures within the host, such as the Coryphaus or First Acolyte.


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