Tesseract Singularity Chamber

A Necron Tesseract Singularity Chamber

A Tesseract Singularity Chamber is an arcane Necron shielded Tesseract containment device around which a Tesseract Ark is built. It holds within itself a sliver of a dying star suspended within a stasis field. A Tesseract Ark is able to siphon off this singularity's terribly destructive energies using the power of Necron scientific mastery, and is able to project its power through its forward projector array as a battlefield weapon. A Tesseract Singularity Chamber provides the vehicle with a number of potent effects, such as projecting a containment field around the Ark that is capable of deflecting even the heaviest of incoming weapons fire and causing a gravitational flux in the nearby area which forces assaulting enemies into extreme and sometimes fatal gravitic fields as they try to catch their elusive prey.

However, it is when the singularity's energies are fired through the nose-mounted projector array that it is most devastating. When harnessed, it can be fired in three different modes: a solar fire which generates long-range blasts of scouring plasma with a high rate of use; a close-range particle hurricane that tears into everything directly in front of the firing vehicle; or a seismic lash that causes powerful quakes and earth tremors in a line extending a significant distance away from the vehicle, often with deadly effects for any enemy vehicles or personnel in the quake's path. This mode also causes surviving enemy infantry to be slowed as they attempt to move across the quaking surface of the ground. Perhaps the only drawback of such a powerful weapon is that if the containment chamber is breached, it detonates in a cataclysmic explosion with devastating effects on everything and everyone nearby.


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