Terror Ship

Ork Terror Ship.png
An Ork Terror Ship.

The Ork Terror Ship is a variation on the standard Kill Kroozer that has primarily been associated with attacks against lightly-defended outposts and augur stations throughout the Cyclops Cluster of the Gothic Sector. Like the Ork Kill Kroozer, Terror Ships are generally built around a core of salvaged Imperial and Chaos starship hulks, but forgo the usual broadside Heavy Gunz in favor of the relatively easy expedient of simply chopping out large sections of the sides of the salvaged wrecks to create makeshift launch bays for Ork attack craft.

The Fighta-Bommers and Ork Assault Boats that a Terror Ship carries are supported by a large array of forward and broadside Gunz as well as either a forward Heavy Gunz battery or a forward torpedo launcha. Fighta-Bommers are equipped not only to intercept enemy ordnance but also carry bombs and missiles capable of damaging a warship. Ork Assault Boats are simply armoured shells with a plasma engine at one end and a piercing beak at the other, more akin to giant boarding torpedoes than the far more sophisticated attack craft employed by the other starfaring races.

Ork Terror Ship with Fleet.jpg
An Ork Terror ship in battle

The effectiveness and typical brutality employed by the Orks onboard Terror Ships was best illustrated during the attack on the small Imperial resupply base on the planet Mirrobel, which was used by long-range patrols. Two Terror Ships, accompanied by a half-dozen Escorts, appeared in-system, took up orbit around Mirrobel's moon, and began launching repeated waves of Assault Boats filled with Greenskin warriors to overwhelm the station's small garrison.

The Terror Ships then got a chance to demonstrate the power of their crude weapons when an Imperial Navy scout patrol consisting of the Dauntless-class Light Cruisers Abdiel and Uziel and a squadron of four Firestorm-class Frigates arrived in the system for resupply and counter-attacked the Ork warships after the Ork vessels attacked in their typical aggressive fashion. Even with the Orks' Attack Craft squadrons occupied on Mirrobel, the Terror Ships' crude but masive gunpower was still enough to cripple the Abdiel and destroy one of the Firestorms, driving off the Imperial force.

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