Temporia is a Daemon World and a Dark Mechanicus Hell-Forge that once lay within the Eye of Terror and is now being used to churn out weapons and war machines for use by the Forces of Chaos against the remaining Imperial worlds of the Cadian Gate.

Temporia was a madcap world of dark industry and possessed daemon-machines, appearing as a mind-boggling contradiction of cog-plateaus, helical factories, rain storms of magma, and spiraling stairways that surrounded newcomers. It was the home of the infamous Warpsmith Valadrak.


During the Abyssal Crusade of 321.M37 Valadrak unleashed specially-crafted Daemon Engines on the Astartes of the Knights Excelsior Space Marine Chapter that had entered the Eye and made planetfall on Temporia, unaware of its status as a Hell-Forge.

Outgunned, the Knights Excelsior were forced to make a hasty tactical withdrawal, fighting their way back to their dropships. As the Chapter attempted to make good their escape, their orbiting warships were attacked by a strange archeotech device that rendered their technology impotent, leaving the Space Marines at the mercy of Temporia's Daemon Engines. When the Knights Excelsior were last seen, they had been refashioned into the Heretic Astartes warband known as the Magma Hounds.

Battle of Temporia

The Battle of Temporia began during the 13th Black Crusade in 999.M41 when the Forge World of Agripinaa sought to disrupt the flow of materiel and Daemon Engines to Abaddon the Despoiler's forces striking at Cadia.

Cohorts of the Adeptus Mechanicus' Legio Cybernetica robots and conclaves of Electro-Priests traded blasts of lightning with the mechadaemons created by Warpsmith Valadrak. The size of Temporia's blasphemous monstrosities beggared belief, but the war machines of Agripinaa were nearly as numerous and indomitable in their faith in the Omnissiah. For every wave of terrors the twisted planet heaved into the path of Agripinaa's faithful, another cohort made planetfall to repel it. This conflict is still ongoing.

Emergence from the Eye

Shortly before the birth of the Great Rift, in a feat of engineering only the truly insane could devise, Temporia was dragged out of the Eye of Terror by an armada of gravitic haulers and daemon-possessed haulers. The mutant machines and Daemon Engines churned out by the planet's sprawling foundries continued to assail the Cadian System and the Cadian Gate by the thousand.


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