Teleport Homer

A Teleport Homer

A Teleport Homer is a device of ancient Imperial technology utilised by the Adeptus Astartes, the forces of the Inquisition and the Chaos Space Marines to allow teleportation through the Warp from one location, usually an orbiting starship, to a point on a planetary surface.

A Teleport Homer transmits a special signal that suits of Terminator Armour can lock onto to allow their users to teleport to a given location through the Immaterium with great accuracy by using teleporter technology located at the point of origin. Attempts to teleport without a Teleport Homer can lead to the rematerialisation of forces at widely scattered locations or can even lead to teleport accidents in which the individual teleporting rematerialises trapped within other forms of matter such as rocks or trees.

To have the incoming forces deployed most effectively, the Teleport Homer must be placed in the right location. This often requires an initial force to brave the great danger of getting to a specific location before reinforcements can be teleported in to support them.


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