A Tectonic Fragdrill like those employed by the Genestealer Cults.

A Tectonic Fragdrill is a form of Imperial mining technology that has been repurposed by the Genestealer Cults to serve their own ends. It is often used to unleash a localised earthquake intended to disrupt the defences of a planetary region that is under assault from the the cult or to deliver cult troops to a target area through subterranean tunnels.


Tectonic Fragdrills, when correctly installed over a geologic fault line or geomantic nexus, can make a pinpoint assault on the most volatile parts of a planet's crust. This can cause a chain reaction that results in a localised earthquake.

The Fragdrill can also be used to bore subterranean tunnels beneath a cult target, allowing the cult's military units to infiltrate the enemy from below.

The Genestealer Cults, their members often hailing from industrial or mining backgrounds, have learned to harness these mining machines to cause maximum disruption to their foes on the battlefield. They work every new disaster into their plan, making the Fragdrill a potent weapon in the wider war for conquest.



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