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"The tarellians say that we have to leave. They don't like us drinking here."

Inquisitor Oriel, to the infiltrated members of the Last Chancers

A Tarellian Dog-Soldier

The Tarellians (sometimes spelled Darellian) are a xenos species of which almost nothing is known but who serve as mercenaries for the T'au military.

Their warriors are often called Tarellian "Dog-soldiers."


"Brotherhood of a Thousand. I am Eadmund."
"Ah. I have never served with a brother of your Chapter. But I have heard of your exploits. You liberated the Mostar System from the Darellian."
"The dog-soldiers. Yes. I was honoured to be part of that victory when I was a just a Scout.

—Exchange between Deathwatch Battle-Brothers Nergui of the White Scars and Eadmund of the Brotherhood of a Thousand

The Tarellians were originally a part of the stellar empire known as the Tarellian Civilisation, which existed to the galactic north of the Ghoul Stars and coreward of the Kiltor Sector.

According to certain Imperial legends, Mankind virus-bombed several of their worlds during the Great Crusade, at some point in the last two centuries of the 30th Millennium.

The Tarellians seem to bear a grudge against humanity for the ancient assault to this day, as they aggressively reject the company of all humans.

At some point during the late 41st Millennium, the Tarellian Dog-soldiers occupied the Mostar System but were pushed out by the Brotherhood of a Thousand Chapter.

In recent times, Tarellians have served as mercenaries for the T'au Empire.

Unfortunately for the Tarellians, in ca. 997.M41, the Tarellian Civilisation was caught up in Hive Fleet Moloch's inexorable advance from the galactic north after the Tyranids devoured the Kiltor Sector.

The Hive Fleet swept through the Ghoul Stars, and some vanguard elements of the swarm plunged onwards towards Imperial space.

It is thus likely that the only surviving Tarellians are those Dog-soldiers who were operating as mercenaries away from their home territories.

Anatomy and Physiology

The Tarellians are a bipedal species that possess narrow-waisted and broad-shouldered bodies.

They stand somewhat shorter than most Humans, with long canine-like faces and teeth, which give them their moniker of "dog-soldiers."

They communicate in a language of growls, snarls and barks.


In Star Trek, the Tarellians were a humanoid species whose civilisation was destroyed by viral weaponry during a civil war.


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