There seems to be some internal inconsistency in the timeline of this novel that might be worth clarifying. Specifically, the Thousand Sons novel suggests that Magnus's appearance on Terra was shortly after Magnus failed to keep Horus from being corrupted, and that news of the betrayal had not yet reached Terra when he manifested there. That led the Emperor to believe Magnus was lying and had fallen himself, and to dispatch Leman Russ to capture Magnus.

The Outcast dead however suggests that the Istvaan massacre and betrayal was already known at the time he appeared, which leads to the question of why the Emperor would doubt Magnus and dispatch Russ, and why Russ himself would be convinced by Horus to eradicate the Thousand Sons rather than capturing them, as Russ would surely have been told of the betrayal when he received his orders?

Does anyone have any thoughts on how to resolve this? 20:28, May 15, 2012 (UTC) Jonaleth, 21:27, 15/05/2012

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