Can I enter to edit the Progenoid Glands article to add illustrative images I found in DeviantArt? The only thing I will remove is that image of the neophyte having an operation and replace it with images of the neck and chest Progenoid Glands as well the interior of those Glands which later is picked and cultivated.

For the rest of the article, is OK but I request for the lore editor to find information about the Harncorx Capsule and the Zygote Sportes somewhere within the own Warhammer 40k lore to corroborate it.

Deviant Art etc

from the "creating content" link on the main page

Do not upload fan-created art to this wiki. While we allowed the addition of certain high-quality fan-made images for a time, this policy has now changed. We no longer will add new pieces of fan-made art save in very exceptional circumstances, to be determined by the Administrators. New fan-made art will be removed, so please add canon-only artwork that has been published in a Games Workshop product or on the Games Workshop website.

if it is not from Games Workshop, it does not belong here.Neithan02 (talk) 01:25, May 14, 2020 (UTC)

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