The Blood Gorgons, of the author Henry Zou's novel of the same name were formed during this founding. They;re unique of the known chapters because they turned to chaos not long after their founding.

On a side note White Dwarf had a Chapter Approved article on the cursed founding some time around 2004. It details a group of mechanicus researchers entering a new found research facilty hidden deep inside a mountain, which handn't been acessed in so long that rock had grown over the entrance. They found that the site had undergone heavy fighting, but that one super human soldier, far larger and superior in every way to a space marine, was still intact in one of the test tanks (he and a few others had apparently died mere moments before the Mechanicus entered oddly). The researchers who created them were advocated by the Inquistion, and thought that they were following in the steps of the Emperor.The team watched the last pict captures before the whatever happened to the base, and it appeared that a figure fitting the discription of Fabius Bile had killed everyone within, whilst surmising that the new marines were the key to his goals. The Mechanicus team were then killed off mysteriously, and a time later the Inquisition showed up and bombed the place from orbit-proclaiming whatever had happened there a heresy.

Its a pretty definitive piece on the shadowy creation of the Curse Founding chapters, and I'm wondering why the information in its not been quoted in this article.

Also, why is this article protected from editing?

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