codexes totally existed for 2nd edition, I know that at least the following codex books were available: Orks, Space wolves, tyranids, eldar and I think Blood angels.

Re 2nd edition codices.

I don't even

Who wrote this rubbish?

Codex books were available almost immediately: by 1994, Space Wolves, Orks and Eldar were available. They were not released "late in its production run" - I have no idea where that notion came from.

Equally ridiculous is the assertion made in the article that these books didn't contain much fluff. The author is confused with 3rd edition, which featured trimmed down codices. The 2nd edition codices were so fluff heavy that the GW designers often referred to them as "word of God" books - in White Dwarf and design notes. Everything fluff-wise to do with 40K as you know it today came from those 2nd edition books.

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1. Its an old page that hasn't been updated yet.

2. You don't seem to know the full extrent of GW sources... There are a lot spread out everywhere.

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