A Tactical Marine is a Space Marine that is more equipped to fight using a variety of ranged weapons. Like their Assault Marine counterparts, the squads can be numerous and tough as nails. They usually come equpped with bolters and combat knives. However, they tend to specialize in other weapons, such as flamers, plasma rifles, rocket launchers and heavy bolters. They also tend to come equipped with frag grenades, which they use well against infantry. As with the Assault Marine squads, they can usually be found led by a Veteran Sergeant. The Chaos Space Marines also use Tactical Marines, though they have smaller access to weapons, are more vicious up close and are lead usually by aspiring champions.

Warhammer 40k Model Reference

A Tactical Squad is an Elite Squad of Space Marines trained to handle most situations. They come with enough to assemble 10 Plastic Models, multiple Wargear options & additional detail. All these Models come unassembled and unpainted. A generic Ultramarines configuration of this group would be:
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