Sylas Skor is a captain of the Imperial Navy who commands Adamant Station on the world of Pyrathas in the Jericho Reach.


Captain Skor is the commander of Adamant Station, and in practice is in charge of all Imperial Navy forces within the Pyrathas System. Like many station-bound Imperial Navy officers, Skor is looked down on slightly by other Navy captains, earning equal parts pity and contempt that he does not command a warship.

Skor's resentment at his posting and his peers' judgement is tempered by his own nature. A naturally cautious man, he has taken well to Pyrathas, a defensive posting that does not require much in the way of proactive thinking.

Skor himself is a whip-thin man of late middle years, with his fair share of scars from leading boarding parties as a young midshipman.

These days, his conflicts are mainly of a more bureaucratic nature, as he struggles to direct the actions of the hundreds of thousands (perhaps millions) of men and women under his command.

The price of these efforts show in the nervous tic in his hands, the ever-growing collection of wrinkles, and the spectacles he vainly avoids wearing around his subordinates.

Due to Skor's cautious nature, it is unsurprising that he has become one of the primary proponents of the "withdraw and endure" battle plan for coping with the Tyranid threat in the Jericho Reach.

In truth, Skor sees the Achilus Crusade as an eventual failure. He is terrified that as the T'au, the Tyranids, and the forces of Chaos press in from all sides, the crusade will collapse and the last half century of Imperial blood will be for naught.

Skor delegates command of the small Imperial Navy fleet protecting the Pyrathas System to his subordinate, Lieutenant Commander Alaxis McKale.


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